Three Top Tips for AI Investing

We just wrapped Step 2024, Dubai’s biggest startup conference of the annual calendar, where I had the pleasure of sharing some of my top tips for successful Artificial Intelligence investing.

If you’re a startup Angel, Venture Capitalist, or a business manager who is looking at AI investment, read on. By the end of this short article, I’m hoping to give you a little clarity on how to make a cursory assessment of the opportunity you’re looking at. 

First for some Context.

I’ve been an AI Investor and startup Founder for five years. During that time we’ve made mistakes that’ve cost us. And we’ve made some clever decisions that have proven to be almost prophetic. 

One of the best early decisions we made was to treat Artificial Intelligence as a financial asset class in its own right. As you would Stocks or Real Estate.

From that vantage point, any investor can make sense of an AI investment, with these 3 tips.

1. Boring is Sexy.

One of the simplest ways to detect whether someone’s pitching you a genuine AI investment or AI Snake Oil, is to probe their knowledge of AI.

You’ll be surprised how many people are pitching you something they barely understand. Many an investor has parted ways with precious capital in exchange for promises of glory and sackfuls of BS.

AI is a broad term. It is many intelligent automation methodologies. Generative AI is one. There are others. Anyone talking to you as though all AI is GenAI, is a hard pass. 

AI is not all things for all instances. You want to invest into AI use cases that operate in the background, performing their specific tasks to a high standard in a narrow domain. An unsung operational hero. 

Narrow, boring AI beats Sexy AI for investment security, every day of the week.

2. Is it a Bird or a Plane? 

Investing into Artificial Intelligence is not the same as investing into an AI-enabled business. This is critical to understand for any would-be startup investor or business looking to commit capital to AI. 

AI is a tool. Many startup investment opportunities present themselves erroneously as Artificially Intelligent when they aren’t. They’re just AI-enabled businesses, using the tool to do what they do. 

Whereas investing into AI technology is an intellectual property play. Investing into an AI-enabled business is a revenue play. The former is asset-backed. The latter is not. 

In real estate terms, when you invest into AI it’s as if you’re buying a property. Its value is inherently the bricks and mortar that it comprises, making your investment asset backed. Meaning it can not collapse to zero worth. It’ll always have residual value no matter what. And it’s yours. You own it, together with the benefits derived from it.  

When you invest in an AI-enabled business, be under no false illusion. As successful as the business may potentially be, it’s not AI that you are investing into. 

To use the real estate analogy again, AI-enabled investment is like buying a structured product that pays you a non-securitised yield from the rent of a property. It’s not asset backed. There’s no AI ownership to it. If for some reason the AI which the business uses fails, so does your money. 

Golden rule. When you’re investing into AI, you’re a Landlord. When you’re investing into an AI enabled business you’re further downstream, with rental revenue but no recourse or underlying asset in your name. Both are investable, so long as you know where you stand. 

3. Risk On. Risk Off. 

I say it often. Sound investment is not about maximising profit. It is first and foremost about mitigating risk. Understand where the risks to your investment are. If the business you’re investing into depends on the functional integrity of an AI system it doesn’t own, then your business is at the mercy of someone else. 

Most investors don’t realise just how exposed their investment is to third party dependency risk. Whether you’re investing into new technology, or a startup business, there’s already plenty of risk involved. Don’t unnecessarily compound it with a lack of knowledge as to where your risks lie. Do your homework. And if needed, look for people who have been in the AI trenches to help you define risk and mitigate for it.

The Price of Perfection.

Millions of MENA investment capital was squandered during 2023 because of the hysteria around Open AI’s ChatGPT, and it’s ok because that’s how mistakes are made and learnt. 

As a result today we’re seeing more deliberation, a greater understanding of the applicability of AI, and more targeted, efficient capital investment decisions.

Like I said at the beginning of this piece. I’ve made my own mistakes. Learned lessons from them. Lessons I’m hoping can be of use to you. 

Ayman Alashkar is the Founder and CEO of, and the Ex Head of Real Estate for Emirates NBD’s Private Bank.

He is a recognised AI industry pioneer and a regular speaker on the MENA region’s Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurial speaking circuits. develops proprietary Artificial Intelligence to solve for inefficiencies in MENA’s +$2.4 Trillion dollar real estate industry.

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When Ayman met Jensen Huang

A Founder’s journey is never easy. 

One of the greatest joys of mine with, has been to have our work validated by the AI industry’s undisputed leader. We are the only AI Proptech startup from MENA to be a member of NVIDIA’s prestigious Inception accelerator programme.

This week NVIDIA shot past Amazon and Google-parent Alphabet to a market cap of $1.83 Trillion, becoming the third most valuable US company after Apple and Microsoft, thanks to the strategic vision of its Founder & CEO Jensen Huang and his leadership team. 

Jensen was in Dubai attending the World Government Summit. And I had the pleasure of meeting him, together with His Excellency Omar Sultan AlOlama (UAE Minister of State for AI).

It was an evening filled with inspiration and game-changing insights.

My key takeaway? Listening to a man with such unmatched intellect. Whose vision is so expansive, it seems almost impossible that it’s contained within the mind of a single individual. 

As Jensen spoke about the symbiotic future of humanity and technology, I got a sense that the scale of his ambition is matched only by that of the Middle East, it’s leaders, and the people that are driving its future, forward. 

Nearly 20 years older than me, and with far fewer wrinkles; the legendary Jensen Huang

There are worse ways to spend an evening than getting mobbed on stage with none other than Jensen Huang

Having a giggle withthe one and only Jensen Huang

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Housewarming gifts that’ll guarantee estate agents repeat business

There’s a whole lot of house moving going on right now, as many property market sales transactions reach levels unseen in decades.

With this brings stiff competition amongst brokers, causing some agents to go above and beyond – even after the deal is done. 

So how can agents think outside the box when it comes to building long term client relationships, and leaving that all important lasting impression?

We’ve all heard about that agent who remembers their client’s birthdays, sending cards, flowers or baskets of chocolates. It’s not rocket science, but it’s the little things that can really count. 

Sometimes it’s the most unexpected (but quite obvious) ones that get remembered most.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best housewarming gifts real estate agents can give their buyers, guaranteed to get them repeat business. 

Give Love, Get Love

1. A local takeaway

After spending the day shifting all their worldly possessions off a truck, your clients are going to be hungry. It’s unlikely they’ll have done a grocery shop. Solve this problem by sending them dinner. Trust us, no ones ever turned down an UberEats driver with free burgers. Cinnabons are also a guaranteed winner.

2. A caffeine hit

It’s the first morning in a new house. No major hiccups. If only we knew where we’d packed the Nespresso machine! Doing a Starbucks run (or, again, sending a delivery driver to do it for you) will have your tired clients crying happy, caffeinated tears.

3. Cleaning products (or better still, a one-off cleaning service)

You’ll be surprised at the level of gratitude shown when dropping by with a box of cleaning essentials. If they don’t end up using them right now, you know they’ll get used in the future. Or better still, send them a cleaning service. Walking into a sparkling clean home when you’re still trying to get everything in your life back to normal brings such a sense of relief. It might not even be as expensive as you think.

4. Bathroom essentials

If there’s one thing that lockdown taught us, it was that toilet paper shortage is a thing. Bring a family size multi-pack of the quilted variety, and even some premium-scented hand soap. It won’t be awkward. And it will certainly be appreciated.

5. A quirky doormat

First impressions count – but so do lasting ones. And nothing says “Marhaba” quite like a brand new doormat. Chances are they left their old dusty one at the previous property. But no matter what their taste is, you’ll be able to find something that applies. For the designer shoe lovers out there, this one’s for you!

6. A house plant

House plants offer a wholesome, welcoming vibe to any room. Bring over a few small potted plants to add a bit of natural warmth to your buyer’s new home. If you’re not sure whether your client is a plant person then bring a succulent or two; they’re notoriously easy to keep.

7. A pool float

Pool owners love getting goodies for swim time. Maybe their new pad comes with a pool. Ride-on crocodiles, inflatable unicorns or giant doughnuts — whatever floats their boat. They’re almost guaranteed to secure you an invitation to their next pool party where networking and relationship building is certain to happen.

8. A mystery hamper

There’s a subscription box for just about anything your client is into. Fine beverages, scented candles, organic chocolates; these will go down a treat if they’re luxury lovers. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a gift box every so often.

Lasting Impressions Count

So next time you find your clients the perfect home, keep a note of their move in date, and bookmark this article. It will serve as the perfect reminder of how important you are to them, long after one of the most stressful days in their house-moving journey. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

We create the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Gen AI gives Gen Z’s a level footing at work

Gen Z has had a hard landing into the workforce. 

Starting jobs amid the global pandemic, many of these new workers have missed out on gaining essential hard- and soft skills usually gleaned by working alongside older colleagues.

However, as the first truly digital generation, their innate fluency with technology could help them make up some of that ground – especially as AI becomes a hugely important part of the modern workplace.

“With AI, people tend to fall into a dystopian or utopian outlook, and younger people normally fall into the latter,” she says. “While there isn’t huge amounts of quality research into this yet, anecdotally, young people are more accepting and willing to adapt AI into their daily lives and at work.” – Emma Parry, HR professor at Cranfield School of Management, UK

Stephanie Forrest, the founder of TFD, a London-based strategic communications consultancy in the tech space, has seen first-hand how Gen Z employees use AI technology with ease, and are quickly becoming essential in the workplace. “They don’t question [the technology] – they simply see it as a way to optimise what they are already doing.” 

At TFD, she says, Gen Z were the first employees to experiment with generative AI tools such as Open AI’s ChatGPT for tasks including admin, research and email composition.

“Since AI is so new for everyone, it puts Gen Z employees on a level footing with other members of a team, providing them with a way to meaningfully contribute. AI enables forward-looking companies to learn from younger employees, in terms of how they use technology to be more efficient,” says Forrest.

Gen Z: the first employees to experiment with
generative AI tools

“Gen Z employees can leverage their AI knowledge to innovate and streamline processes and help bridge the gap between technical and non-technical roles,” – Professor Weiguo (Patrick) Fan at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, US

This can help them stand out. For instance, at VEM Medical, a US-based medical tool company, “Young employees’ ability to use AI technology to automate tedious jobs and optimize workflows has grown our productivity dramatically,” says Derrick Hathaway, sales director.

Additionally, says Fan, “Gen Z’s familiarity with AI helps these younger employees adapt to these changes and understand the implications of AI on their roles, making them flexible and dynamic employees.” Fan adds how these skills are especially valuable in industries including technology, finance, healthcare, marketing and manufacturing, where companies are rapidly integrating AI and machine learning.

Click here to access the full article 

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Elizabeth Bennett writes for the BBC.

This story has been published from an article in BBC WORKLIFE published on July, 2023

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New York: Sinking under the skyscrapers

New York City is sinking under the massive weight of its skyscrapers.

New research has revealed that the combination of massive skyscrapers and a rising sea level could make the city more prone to natural disasters.

However, researchers said developers are not taking the risk of rising waters seriously enough, and this could spell trouble for the over 8 million residents of the city in the future.

A team at the University of Rhode Island took on the daunting task of estimating the total weight of the more than 1 million buildings that make up New York City. They found that almost 1 trillion kg of concrete, steel and glass are pushing down the ground, causing it to slowly sink lower towards sea level.


The famed eight-block-long Wall Street in the financial heart of New York is just 1 to 2m above sea level.
Midtown Manhattan is built on rock, which compresses very little. However, Brooklyn and Queens have looser soil, which causes the sinking to happen faster.

Fears for a slowly sinking city

Parts of Lower Manhattan were artificially expanded by land reclamation near the coastline, making the ground more vulnerable to gravitational forces from the weight of the buildings because it is not as compact as natural landscape.

As a result, some of the land there is sinking twice as fast, at a rate of up to 4mm per year.


Researchers said that while it is not yet an emergency, they want to provide the science to help with future planning.

“This is where the policy comes into play. This is where we have the responsibility to integrate this data, this science, with other science and climate science, and talk about the impacts.”  

– Mr Andrew Kruczkiewicz, a senior researcher at Columbia University’s Climate School

However, construction is showing no signs of stopping.

The same waterfront areas that bore the brunt of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and the more recent flash floods have seen some of the highest rates of new housing developments.

New York Floods after Hurricane Sandy

The city, which has some of the most expensive land in the United States, stands to lose a lot as rising seas continue to erode the shore, said observers.


“In the New York area, as we project to 2050, the amount approaches US$1 billion.This is not the retail value of land but the tax-assessed value. This value supports property taxes and all of the municipal services dependent on those.” – Peter Girard, vice president of communicationsresearch organisation, Climate Central

The city ranks third in the world in terms of the value of real estate assets exposed to coastal flooding, after Guangzhou and Miami.

This could mean big losses for owners and investors if natural disasters hit.

For full article click the link below.

Generative AI Accuracy: Science or Art?

Seed any talented, experienced Founder with $1Billion at day zero of their mission, and they’re likely to deliver something seismically impressive 7 years later.

And so it goes with Sam Altman. When ChatGPT dropped, it went viral. Spellbinding 100 million people in less than 2 months.

Looking past the headlines, what I find fascinating is the direction OpenAI took in allowing ChatGPT’s Users free-form prompt entry.

Free-form entry is when your computer interface allows you to write (or draw) inputs freely.

In a Generative AI input context, it’s equivalent to handing over the keys of every car in your dealership to prospective buyers for a test drive without a shred of identification or collateral from them, and hoping they return.

It’s a big risk. Because you simply don’t know what they’re going to do.

Sam & Co. took that risk. Letting their users write anything that occurred to them, and trusting that the system they’d built would be able to generate some kind of response. Kudos to them.

Truth Be Damned.

But there’s a little secret that swooning media headlines don’t speak of.

Aside from enormous capital resources, Sam had another luxury afforded to him. That the degree of accuracy of ChatGPT’s responses, wasn’t a priority.

Safe in the knowledge that improvement in accuracy would come with later iterations of their GPT framework, what mattered more was that ChatGPT generate a response. Any response would do, so long as it were contextually and syntactically correct. Even if it weren’t entirely true.

In other words the priority for ChatGPT was to be output-oriented, and that accuracy would be improved down the line.

Software As A Service. Accuracy As An Obsession.

There are less funded Founders that do not have such resources and the learning curve it affords.

I’m one of them.

Having set out in 2019 to develop a themed language model, we were cognisant of the need to deliver accurate output, or else we’d fail to launch.

Our entire focus became outcome-oriented. We needed to ensure that our Generative AI would deliver content of value specific to our target Users’ use case. is a real estate themed language model.

Written in a combination of languages, overwrite is trained through reinforcement learning and rule-based action, using a proprietary corpus of over 2Billion scale parameters to generate syntactically, contextually and factually correct real estate marketing content.

Used by the real estate industry to instantly generate unique and engaging property listings. Content that can neither be generic nor factually misleading, for search optimisation and legal reasons respectively.

People are increasingly understanding the value of Generative AI accuracy.

Input First. Output After. Sounds Easy Enough.

To deliver that absolute accuracy, we needed to guide our Users through the input process. We couldn’t expect them to know what to prompt the system with. How could they? Before ChatGPT’s release the very concepts of Generative AI and Prompt Engineering were known only to those within the industry. Certainly not to our real estate marketing audience.

So we developed a prompt input system of our own. One that takes Users through a dynamically responsive journey. Meandering. Adapting prompts and predicting inputs as it goes. Never risking human error, insufficient inputs or hallucinatory outcomes.

We knew at the time that consumer-friendly prompt engineering would one day become critical to the widespread adoption of AI tools. (Fun Fact: Today Prompt Engineer. salaries are reaching $400K)

That meant finding the Goldilocks Zone between the AI science, and the very human art of communication.

Designed for specific use cases, Themed Language Models like overwrite do not need to be all things for all people. They can be fit-for-purpose more cost-effectively, and user-efficiently than their large language model cousins. Now that frameworks make generative AI model development easy and fast for enterprises; developers must remember to strike that UX balance between what’s good enough for them, and what’s expected from their Users.

Ayman is recognised as one of MENA’s leading Generative AI pioneers.

He is the Founder and CEO of, the MENA region’s pioneering Real Estate Themed Generative AI, an NVIDIA Inception Program partner.

With +20years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he regularly features on thought leadership panels, blogs, vlogs and radio segments, sharing his often inspirational opinions about Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneurship. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

We create the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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Sheikh Maktoum meets ChatGPT’s Founder in Dubai

The UAE government is developing partnerships to drive forward cutting-edge tech solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Proving the importance of Artificial Intelligence to its’ city, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, met with Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, First Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the UAE, and UAE Minister of State for AI, Omar Sultan Al Olama.

The UAE regards AI as a significant emerging field, with the leaders addressing new strategies to expand deployment of AI across its government operations.

Sheikh Maktoum discusses the transformative power of generative AI across various domains.

A recent Khaleej Times article reported that Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed affirmed that the UAE government is keen to enhance partnerships with leading global technology companies and strengthen cooperation with techpreneurs.

“He highlighted the remarkable impact of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the transformative power of generative AI across various domains. He also underscored the unprecedented opportunity to leverage AI-enabled solutions to expedite progress and development across diverse fields.”  

Khaleej times, June 2023.

Ayman Alashkar, Founder & CEO, meeting last month with Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama UAE Minister of State for AI

The UAE is creating a nurturing and empowering environment for technology talent. 

Start-ups such as are now being given the platform to flourish, and develop solutions that can drastically improve many industry sectors, such as real estate, across the region, and indeed the world.

Cooperation with techpreneurs

Speaking at a recent AI conference in Dubai, hosted by US world-leading AI tech giant, NVIDIA, about generative AI in the region, Ayman Alashkar of said:

“Thanks to ChatGPT’s virality, our recognition as generative AI pioneers in the region has grown enormously. The space was far more challenging before Sam brought Large Language Models into the mainstream.

Generative AI’s value, whether narrowly applied as with our real estate themed use-case, or taken more holistically, is now more widely understood and appreciated by the MENA startup ecosystem.” 

– Ayman Alashkar, Founder and CEO, June 2023. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

We create the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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AirBnB Scammers using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has given scammers an easy way to create convincing fake reviews.  

Ask ChatGPT for a list of Airbnb scams, and it will generate a detailed list in a matter of seconds. Ask it to create a list of 10 or more positive reviews for a two-bedroom rental with specific amenities, and it’ll crank those out, too. 

And to its credit, those reviews are actually more convincing than a lot of obviously bot-generated views we’ve come across. These are the kind of reviews hosts dream about and potential guests swoon over. 

Unfortunately, while customers can use ChatGPT to help them write a positive review, scammers can do the same thing to improve the overall rating for a rental property.

The Positive Review Prompt

Sadly, it’s not hard to create fake customer reviews. AI tools like ChatGPT make this even easier. 

Type in a prompt like “Write 10 positive reviews for a two-bedroom rental smart home with a rooftop garden, swimming pool, and chef’s kitchen,” and here are some of the reviews ChatGPT can generate in a matter of seconds:

Fake ChatGPT | Review 1
“The swimming pool was an absolute dream! It was the perfect temperature and so clean. The chef’s kitchen also made cooking meals a breeze, and we loved being able to enjoy them outside on the rooftop patio.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 2
“We felt like royalty staying in this beautiful rental. The attention to detail was impeccable, and everything was so clean and well-maintained. The rooftop garden was a true oasis, and the swimming pool was the cherry on top.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 3
“f you’re looking for the ultimate vacation rental, this is it! The smart home technology made everything so easy, and the rooftop garden and swimming pool were the perfect places to unwind and relax.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 4
“This rental exceeded all our expectations! The smart home technology made everything so easy, and the rooftop garden was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay!”

These actually sound more convincing than some of the fake reviews you can easily find on shopping sites like Amazon. Keep that in mind and do some digging in the review section. The negative (and honest) reviews might be buried deep. 

One of Many

That’s just one tool a scammer could add to their arsenal to cheat vacationers out of their money. Find out more here.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of and its owners.

This story has been published from an article in Broke Agent Media (BAM.COM) published May, 2023. | real estate themed Generative AI

­ is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

We create the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

DUB(AI) is Big Business

Last week I turned 44 years old.

On the same day, Artificial Intelligence had its iPhone moment.

The AI industry declared its Top Dog. And it’s not Sam Altman’s OpenAI.

NVIDIA, a company most people hadn’t heard of, saw its market cap soar by 24% in after-hours trading to open at $940B.

Where others like Facebook’s META have been talking about AI’s profitability potential, NVIDIA proved it. And the market rewarded it in kind.

Its meteoric $184B Market Cap pop in a single day, exceeded the combined values of Walt Disney Co.NetflixNikeBoeing, UPSVerizon, and Adobe.

(Salamu Alaikum. Goodnight. 👊🖐🎤)

On that auspicious 25th May, I found myself with NVIDIA, sharing my thoughts on a panel discussing ‘Entrepreneurship of the Future’ in #Dubai‘s stunning Museum of the Future. The event, organised by them in collaboration with the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Office, was themed around Generative AI’s ability to unlock a new era of startup entrepreneurs.

Since then, NVIDIA’s value has continued to rise. Joining the world’s elite Trillion Dollar Club.

And investors have woken up to the fact that AI is not only a very big deal, but very big business.

Like the old saying goes, when there’s a Gold Rush, it pays best to be in the shovel and spade business.

NVIDIA does precisely that. By making the Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s) that power the voracious processing demands of Artificial Intelligence systems including OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

That is a pioneering member of the #nvidiainception programme is extraordinary.

Where Dubai pioneered the transformation of the Middle East into a region the World can not afford to ignore, we pioneered the MENA region’s first proprietary Real Estate Themed Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Being part of NVIDIA’s network is validation of the incredible work the team have put into developing the AI that creates the property adverts you browse through when searching for a home to buy or rent, online.

‘Unlocking a New Era of Startup Opportunities with Generative AI’ UAE Artificial Intelligence office in collaboration with NVIDIA
Ayman Alashkar, Founder and CEO, and
All smiles with His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama UAE Minister of State for AI

And as I took to the stage in front of a room packed full with hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, I was asked how a startup should harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for growth.

The answer I gave;

Be User-Friendly like Dubai.

Ayman Alashkar | Founder & CEO |

Dubai is an undisputed Tier 1 Global City. In the 20 years since moving here, I’ve been fortunate to have been part of its story in becoming that.

Whatever your profession, Dubai has made living, working, and investing in it, user-friendly for us all.

Any entrepreneur that’s taking a good idea and using Generative AI to turn it into a startup business, must be obsessed with how user-friendly their solution can be.

Nobody’s got time to learn to use a complex tool.

Less friction equals greater adoption and user retention.

That same user-friendliness, is baked into overwrite’s ethos.

Its why thousands of real estate agents use to create their property listings.

And as continues to grow, I also continue to learn from inspirational leaders in our field, such as the remarkable people at NVIDIA. 

Thank you for your time. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

We create the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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