Agents Real Estate Video Goes Viral

Two agents have released a hilarious video and it’s gone viral.

The rap about their current “seller’s market” has struck a chord with realtors all over the world.

Dressed to mimic the stereotypical realtor, complete with aviators, mullet and moustache, the agents spin out lyrics to the rap entitled “Escrow” in an open house set up.

Brought to you from inside their “latest listing”, real estate agents Nathan Mills and Travis Metzen from Minnesota, rap about the “fall out” of the massive boom in the property market, whilst theatrically showing viewers around the lavish property, in true bling-rap style.

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Pressing the Start Button on 3D-Printed Homes

Imagine living in a house that was built in a matter of hours, at the click of a button, involving a single, computer-operated machine. Add to the mix, affordability, sustainability and cutting-edge design, and you’ve got yourself a brand new, 3D printed home.

15 years years ago, a house made by a giant concrete-spitting printer was a left field concept, limited to the domain of the imagination. Even now, most people won’t have seen inside these pretty incredible digital constructions.

But with growing worldwide housing shortages, and a post-pandemic housing boom that’s left many first-time buyers priced out of the housing market, 3D printed homes are no longer just an idea on paper.

They’re being printed, they’re being lived in and they’re shaking up the structure of traditional house building.

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Portals War Over Lead Quality

What’s more important, lead quality or lead quantity? It’s an age old question that I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times. And it’s one that’s got some of the UK’s property portals trading hammer blows with each other.

Is your portal sending you cold leads, or leads so warm they could slice through butter?

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You Want Success. What’s Your Problem?

Every one of us has what it takes to be successful in our own right. Some of us take that leap into the realm of entrepreneurialism, not knowing what lies in the darkness beyond our comfort zone.

What makes the difference between those who can see in the dark, and those that lose their way?

In Part 3 of a series of one-on-one chats between’s Founder Ayman Alashkar and Dubai property success-story Firas Al Msaddi, Ayman discusses why solving a genuine problem is the secret to any would-be entrepreneur’s success.

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Time-Saving Hacks all Estate Agents must know

Whether you’re new to estate agency or a seasoned veteran, your daily to-do list must feel like it’s off the scale. In this 21st century, post-Covid world we live in, how you manage your workload makes the difference between you and the next broker.

From marketing yourself and your listings, networking, transacting, managing colleagues and clients, it can be overwhelming for even the most experienced realtor. So many tasks. So little time. Sometimes it may feel like it’s hard to even know where to start.

We’ve got your answer, in one little word. Efficiency.

And this week, we’re bringing you 5 daily time-busting hacks that’ll help you master the art of it.

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