AirBnB Scammers using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has given scammers an easy way to create convincing fake reviews.  

Ask ChatGPT for a list of Airbnb scams, and it will generate a detailed list in a matter of seconds. Ask it to create a list of 10 or more positive reviews for a two-bedroom rental with specific amenities, and it’ll crank those out, too. 

And to its credit, those reviews are actually more convincing than a lot of obviously bot-generated views we’ve come across. These are the kind of reviews hosts dream about and potential guests swoon over. 

Unfortunately, while customers can use ChatGPT to help them write a positive review, scammers can do the same thing to improve the overall rating for a rental property.

The Positive Review Prompt

Sadly, it’s not hard to create fake customer reviews. AI tools like ChatGPT make this even easier. 

Type in a prompt like “Write 10 positive reviews for a two-bedroom rental smart home with a rooftop garden, swimming pool, and chef’s kitchen,” and here are some of the reviews ChatGPT can generate in a matter of seconds:

Fake ChatGPT | Review 1
“The swimming pool was an absolute dream! It was the perfect temperature and so clean. The chef’s kitchen also made cooking meals a breeze, and we loved being able to enjoy them outside on the rooftop patio.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 2
“We felt like royalty staying in this beautiful rental. The attention to detail was impeccable, and everything was so clean and well-maintained. The rooftop garden was a true oasis, and the swimming pool was the cherry on top.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 3
“f you’re looking for the ultimate vacation rental, this is it! The smart home technology made everything so easy, and the rooftop garden and swimming pool were the perfect places to unwind and relax.”

Fake ChatGPT | Review 4
“This rental exceeded all our expectations! The smart home technology made everything so easy, and the rooftop garden was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay!”

These actually sound more convincing than some of the fake reviews you can easily find on shopping sites like Amazon. Keep that in mind and do some digging in the review section. The negative (and honest) reviews might be buried deep. 

One of Many

That’s just one tool a scammer could add to their arsenal to cheat vacationers out of their money. Find out more here.

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