Suit Hacks for the Fashion Forward Realtor

Name any real estate agent on the planet who would turn down a brand new wardrobe full of tailor-made suits 👔🔥… We couldn’t either.

But it can become an expensive habit. And it doesn’t take a fashionista, or financial advisor, to tell you that blowing every commission cheque on a fancy new suit probably isn’t the wisest decision.

So, for the broker who wants to “look the part”, without breaking the bank, check out these Suit Shopping Hacks.

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Social Media Mistakes All Agents Should Avoid

We’ve found a shortlist of 12 of the most important things you should avoid doing on social media in 2021.
By Jeff Lyons writing for The Close,

Social media is still a mystery for a lot of agents. Unfortunately, this means even the best agents make mistakes, blunders, and faux pas that could easily be avoided.

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Wellness trend sweeps through property market

Having a home designed for sustainability is no longer something “nice to have”. Boosted by the longer term impact of Covid, a new-found focus on health has rapidly raised the profile of eco-friendly homes, with sustainability and green tech getting wrapped up into a broader sense of overall “wellness.”

And emphasis on wellness features, or eco-luxury, to boost property profiles, is sweeping across property markets world-wide. 

What was previously considered an added expense or after thought, is now expected, among many buyers, (particularly in the luxury market), as part of the pitch.

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