Housewarming gifts that’ll guarantee estate agents repeat business

There’s a whole lot of house moving going on right now, as many property market sales transactions reach levels unseen in decades.

With this brings stiff competition amongst brokers, causing some agents to go above and beyond – even after the deal is done. 

So how can agents think outside the box when it comes to building long term client relationships, and leaving that all important lasting impression?

We’ve all heard about that agent who remembers their client’s birthdays, sending cards, flowers or baskets of chocolates. It’s not rocket science, but it’s the little things that can really count. 

Sometimes it’s the most unexpected (but quite obvious) ones that get remembered most.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best housewarming gifts real estate agents can give their buyers, guaranteed to get them repeat business. 

Give Love, Get Love

1. A local takeaway

After spending the day shifting all their worldly possessions off a truck, your clients are going to be hungry. It’s unlikely they’ll have done a grocery shop. Solve this problem by sending them dinner. Trust us, no ones ever turned down an UberEats driver with free burgers. Cinnabons are also a guaranteed winner.

2. A caffeine hit

It’s the first morning in a new house. No major hiccups. If only we knew where we’d packed the Nespresso machine! Doing a Starbucks run (or, again, sending a delivery driver to do it for you) will have your tired clients crying happy, caffeinated tears.

3. Cleaning products (or better still, a one-off cleaning service)

You’ll be surprised at the level of gratitude shown when dropping by with a box of cleaning essentials. If they don’t end up using them right now, you know they’ll get used in the future. Or better still, send them a cleaning service. Walking into a sparkling clean home when you’re still trying to get everything in your life back to normal brings such a sense of relief. It might not even be as expensive as you think.

4. Bathroom essentials

If there’s one thing that lockdown taught us, it was that toilet paper shortage is a thing. Bring a family size multi-pack of the quilted variety, and even some premium-scented hand soap. It won’t be awkward. And it will certainly be appreciated.

5. A quirky doormat

First impressions count – but so do lasting ones. And nothing says “Marhaba” quite like a brand new doormat. Chances are they left their old dusty one at the previous property. But no matter what their taste is, you’ll be able to find something that applies. For the designer shoe lovers out there, this one’s for you!

6. A house plant

House plants offer a wholesome, welcoming vibe to any room. Bring over a few small potted plants to add a bit of natural warmth to your buyer’s new home. If you’re not sure whether your client is a plant person then bring a succulent or two; they’re notoriously easy to keep.

7. A pool float

Pool owners love getting goodies for swim time. Maybe their new pad comes with a pool. Ride-on crocodiles, inflatable unicorns or giant doughnuts — whatever floats their boat. They’re almost guaranteed to secure you an invitation to their next pool party where networking and relationship building is certain to happen.

8. A mystery hamper

There’s a subscription box for just about anything your client is into. Fine beverages, scented candles, organic chocolates; these will go down a treat if they’re luxury lovers. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a gift box every so often.

Lasting Impressions Count

So next time you find your clients the perfect home, keep a note of their move in date, and bookmark this article. It will serve as the perfect reminder of how important you are to them, long after one of the most stressful days in their house-moving journey. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

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