How to make sure your House Flip doesn’t Flop

Real estate has long been the go-to investment for those looking to build long-term multi-generational wealth.  In red-hot real estate markets, a property’s time-on-market is often single-digit days, and a “fix and flip” investment is fast becoming a tempting strategy.

But as with any business decision, you must take some precautionary measures before diving in.

A “get rich quick” attitude to flipping a home could have you ending up in the poorhouse, and your project turning into a bottomless money pit. 

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Housewarming gifts that’ll guarantee you repeat business

There’s a whole lot of house moving going on right now, as worldwide property sales reach levels unseen in decades. With this brings stiff competition amongst brokers, causing some agents to go above and beyond – even after the deal is done.

So how can agents think outside the box when it comes to building long term client relationships, and leaving that all important lasting impression?

We’ve all heard about that agent who remembers their client’s birthdays, sending cards, flowers or baskets of chocolates. It’s not rocket science, but it’s the little things that can really count. 

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Suit Hacks for the Fashion Forward Realtor

Name any real estate agent on the planet who would turn down a brand new wardrobe full of tailor-made suits 👔🔥… We couldn’t either.

But it can become an expensive habit. And it doesn’t take a fashionista, or financial advisor, to tell you that blowing every commission cheque on a fancy new suit probably isn’t the wisest decision.

So, for the broker who wants to “look the part”, without breaking the bank, check out these Suit Shopping Hacks.

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Wellness trend sweeps through property market

Having a home designed for sustainability is no longer something “nice to have”. Boosted by the longer term impact of Covid, a new-found focus on health has rapidly raised the profile of eco-friendly homes, with sustainability and green tech getting wrapped up into a broader sense of overall “wellness.”

And emphasis on wellness features, or eco-luxury, to boost property profiles, is sweeping across property markets world-wide. 

What was previously considered an added expense or after thought, is now expected, among many buyers, (particularly in the luxury market), as part of the pitch.

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WRONG reasons for NOT making that home offer

By Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO –

At the start of 2021 I made an economic prediction about the Dubai real estate market and where it’s headed during the first half of the year.

Four months later and the market’s on a roll. Transaction prices have been appreciating and volumes are at record levels. So is this the best time to invest in Dubai property?

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The Life of a Realtor, in GIFs

Real Estate Agency can provide some of the best incomes you’ll ever earn. You know it. You’ve probably been having bumper months. It certainly explains the recent surge of new recruits joining the industry, all seeking a slice of that commission-based dream.

But it’s important to remember that the only time success comes before work, is in the dictionary.

So to help you with your daily graft, we’ve put together some light-hearted GIFs depicting what it’s really like to be a real estate agent. Because what good is life if you can’t laugh at it?

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Let the Bidding Wars begin 🥊

The global property market hit the brakes when Covid-19 struck in early 2020. Since then drops in lending rates, fiscal policy initiatives, and new demand trends created a resurgence in activity; led initially by people trading-out of cramped apartments into larger homes offering more space.

For particular property types, prices are back at pre-covid levels, with many even selling above their asking price. Their landlords are seeing their prices bid upwards, and they’re riding that gravy train. 

Enter: Bidding Wars! But how can you emerge as the victorious broker?

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What type of Real Estate Broker are you?

By Charles Currie from team OVERWRITE

There’s a common myth that all agents are the same. For many, the estate agent is a money-driven animal. Untrustworthy. Even unethical. But whilst some agents might give validity to this not-so-favourable reputation, there are equally some very good agents, representing some of the most hardworking and honest characters in the industry.

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