Remote Real Estate Agents: Tips to Stay Focused

Life as a real estate agent can be many things. Exciting. Emotional. Extremely Demanding. And with the rise of remote working, it can also give agents incredible flexibility.

Having the luxury of choosing your working hours comes with significant benefits. But working from home requires self-discipline and time-management. Especially for those with a family.

We’ve shortlisted some handy tips to stay focused and productive, while working from home.

1. Set regular office hours

It’s not uncommon for agents to work around the clock. Especially when they’re starting out and don’t want to miss a potential lead. But overworking to the point of self-neglect can quickly result in burnout, or ill-health.

Combat this by setting a regular work schedule. Stick to it as rigidly as possible. It’s the best way to set boundaries and protect your mental and physical health.

2. Create clear business goals

Set realistic and achievable goals for your real estate business. It’s an excellent way to stay motivated. You might set specific numbers for the following:

  • Open houses to attend each week.
  • New leads to find every day.
  • Listing appointments to complete each week.
  • Closings to achieve each quarter or year.
  • Follow-up emails you send to potential clients.
  • Marketing results you receive through various advertising channels.
  • Social media posts you make.
  • Time saving new tech products to trial.

3. Get dressed for work

Even if you aren’t leaving the house, dressing fresh sets your mental mood. Look sharp. Think sharp. It can help you mentally switch to “work mode” and motivate you to power through your to-do list. Plus, you’ll be ready to jump on a video call with a client or quickly meet a prospect as needed. 

4. Invest in the best tools

There are dozens of tools, apps, and software to help you stay organised and productive.

Trying out one or more of the following will not only boost your motivation but make boring tasks more fun and less time-consuming.

  • Asana is a project management tool for keeping track of tasks and goals.
  • Canva is a free resource for creating beautiful visuals for marketing and social media posts.
  • is an AI writing assistant for estate agents which creates unique and engaging property descriptions, instantly.
  • RescueTime is for tracking work with reports on your online behavior, project work, and overall productivity.

5. Manage that Diary

Time management can help you avoid distractions and stay on task. Schedule blocks of time in your calendar and only work on a specific task during that period.

For example, try blocking off a couple of hours in the morning to work on new leads. Take an hour at midday for marketing tasks. Then spend the afternoon on viewings.

By setting times to achieve critical tasks, you’ll be more likely to stay focused, as know you have limited time to complete them.

6. Take a “mental commute”

Working from home can make it challenging to “clock out”. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to “commute” home.

Walk around your neighbourhood. Turn off work notifications. Change your clothes. Hit the gym. Make a home-cooked meal. Whatever it is, some after-work activity can help you turn off “work mode” and unwind.

7. Make time for marketing

Marketing yourself and your properties is essential in real estate. Your listing clients rely on you and your firm to market their home for sale or rent.

Creating a personal brand gives you a positive reputation in your community.

Schedule time each week for various marketing tasks, such as posting on social media, improving your listing descriptions, and sending email newsletters. Content should be unique, and engaging. Never copy and paste your marketing content unless you want to sound like every other agent out there.

Turn on “Out of Office”

Staying healthy and motivated when working from home comes down to priorities. You being at the top of the list.

Your viewings might be scheduled to the hour. Open houses might be in the diary. Your marketing can be on point. But if you don’t put enough effort in “out of the office”, your work life will eventually suffer.

Eat healthy meals. Move your body. Get enough sleep. It’s all about balance. You’ll be better positioned to take care of your real estate business when you take care of yourself.

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Six Summer ‘Revenge Travel’ Destinations

Summer 2022 – the ultimate season of revenge travel.

Travelling to make up for time lost, and opportunities missed, because of the pandemic. When everyone’s prepared to go a little further, or spend a touch more than normal, on a summer holiday.

That might mean going hard on a bucket-list roadtrip. Embarking on an adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime escape. Booking that indulgent island retreat. Even repeating a trip that had to be shelved.

At its heart, it reflects a newfound desire to travel like never before. 

So to help with your travel search, here are ‘Six Summer Destinations for 2022‘ shortlisted for you:

#1 Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini is one of the most idyllic, insta-worthy destinations in the world. Quintessential Cycladic white homes with blue domes overlooking the sea, and endless denizen-run restaurants that meld tradition, gastronomy, and passion. Santorini is the crown jewel of the Cyclades. And there’s Grecian magic to be found in every corner.

#2 Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh. Morocco. Multi-faceted and enchanting. From the merchants selling crafts in the Medina, to it’s high-end hospitality scene. Marrakesh is guaranteed to mesmerise.

#3 St. Moritz, Switzerland

Ski season or not, St. Moritz is a Swiss jewel. It has a charming city center, overflowing with shops and galleries, hiking trails and a picture-perfect lake. To say summer here is dreamy is an understatement.

#4 Pyramids of Giza, Egypt 

From the Pyramids of Giza to the Valley of Kings, your travel itinerary will be spilling over with a long list of enigmatic Egyptian tourist spots. And if you’ve always wanted to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, this is the year. Not only will 2022 mark 100 years of independence from the United Kingdom, historians will also celebrate 100 years since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

#5 Cannes, France

Celebs flock here each year, posing on the red carpet in their sparkling gowns and expertly tailored suits for the Cannes Film Festival. But summer in this French hotspot is much more than that. From the designer stores lining its beachfront to the harbour side European-style cafes overlooking the multimillion dollar yachts, Cannes’ glitz and glamour are well worth witnessing.

#6 Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico 

Valle De Guadalupe is Mexico’s wine country and perhaps its most burgeoning secret. In many opinions, way cooler than Napa (and more wallet-friendly). The area spills over with design-forward boutique hotels and upscale restaurants helmed by some of Mexico’s best chefs and a wealth of wineries.

Rediscovering Your Why

2022 is a chance for us to reconnect to the best holiday destinations in a deeper, more authentic way. Wherever the destination.

We’ll be reminded often of why we travel; those sparks of curiosity and adventure. We’ll appreciate every moment that comes with it. And we’ll be grateful for all the hard work that made it possible to get us there.

And for the estate agents reading this, there are some great efficiency tools to help you work remotely. Intelligently automated writing assistants like mean you don’t have to be stuck behind a desk, to post incredible listings that’ll get you leads. You can get out there and see the world.

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Car essentials every agent should carry 

As a real estate professional, you’ve got to be prepared for everything.

Dashing between viewings. Meetings with sellers all over town. You’re always on the go, spending hours behind the wheel. 

You need a car kit that’s going to get you through anything the job can throw at you.


The basics go without saying. Wallet. Phone. Business cards. Keys – but there’s so much more that the real estate road warrior needs. Here’s our list of 12 things we recommend you keep on hand at all times.

1. WATER 💧💧

Even in hotter climates, water is often something we take for granted. But when you’re out and about all day; you’re gonna get parched. So have plenty of water. And bring some for your thirsty clients, too. 


From sandy footprints to greasy fingers and toilet breaks, wet wipes can deal with just about anything. 

3. SNACKS 🥯🍏

Three square meals a day? Not a chance, in this profession. So be sure to keep a stash of nutritious, non-perishable snacks on the go, for those back-to-back meeting days where there’s no choice but to refuel on the fly. 


No one wants to ruin their good shoes on a dirty building site, or lose a sale looking like you’ve just stepped out of a sandpit or puddle. Slip on your backup, not-so-posh pair, while keeping your fancy ones for the Show Home.


Waiting for clients can be boring. Killing time on your phone is a sure fire battery drainer. Keep an extra charger on hand at all times. Bonus points if you keep an external battery, too.


Goes without saying, even in our Post-COVID world. Agents are touching everything. From shaking hands to turning doorknobs. There’s no end to the number of touch points on the job. Have a sanitiser on you. Offer it to clients. It won’t go unnoticed, and it keeps you safe. And while you’re at it, throw in some face masks for added protection.


These are great for everything – from dealing with rubbish to tidying up an unexpected mess just before a client turns up for a viewing. 


These bad boys can solve a multitude of problems. Who knew zip ties could be put to so many uses? Securing swinging gates, carrying multiple keys, or fixing your most recent “Sold” sign. They’re basically the real estate version of duct tape, so bring ‘em with you.


Small, thoughtful touches are the kind of thing that clients remember, after you’ve left. So when it comes to the little extra touches that set your service apart from the other agents, the devil is in the detail.

9. MINTS  🟢

When that quick snack you grabbed before a viewing happens to have been loaded with garlic. This is guaranteed to have even the keenest buyer look the other way. Keep your breath minty fresh and save yourself the embarrassment.

10. BAND AIDS 🩹💊

Whether it’s a blister from the new designer shoes or a nasty little splinter, the last thing you need is a detour to the local pharmacy to slow you down. Pack a few Band Aids and be prepared for any first aid emergencies. Headache pills are also a game changer!


Mosquitoes. Flies. Giant Grasshoppers. Whatever bugs are distracting you from your sales pitch, they need to be repelled, ASAP. Running away from a wasp isn’t the lasting impression you’re looking for.


Late night viewings aren’t ideal. Disconnected power sucks. Keep a torch in your car trunk for those occasions when the light switches don’t work. You never know which competitor agent is lurking out there in the dark…

Keep this kit in your motor and you’ll be prepared for just about anything!

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25 Workplace clichés to make you cringe

If I had a dollar for every smug muppet who dropped a cringe-worthy cliché on me over the years, I’d be a millionaire.

They’re cheesy.


And completely unoriginal.

Here’s a list of overused office clichés’ that have no business being used in business.

They belong in the bin.

1. To be honest

Wait, you weren’t being honest until now?

2. With all due respect

Anytime a person starts a sentence with this, they’re about to disrespect you.

3. Pick your brain

Translation: I want to know what you know, and am too lazy to look it up myself.

4. Let’s get disruptive

You’re trying to be edgy and trendy; we get it.

5. Let’s see if we have the bandwidth

This typically means the person doesn’t have the time, money, or skills to do what you’re asking, but doesn’t want to admit it. It’s a stall tactic.

6. The fact of the matter is

This basically says, “What you’ve presented until now was not fact and I’m about to correct you.”

7. Let’s ideate together

Anybody can think. But it takes a true idiot to ideate.

8. Touch base

For everyone who’s not American, this is a baseball term. Good luck figuring out who or what ‘base’ is supposed to be?

9. Push the envelope

The last time I pushed the envelope, it ended up in the mailbox.

10. In the pipeline

The point of the pipeline is that when something goes into it, it’ll come out somewhere else entirely.

11. Loop back/circle back

So, we’re going to talk about this later, then…

12. Paradigm shift

Big words don’t impress me. Just say “change.”

13. Let’s take this offline

We can take it offline, but the conversation is going to be pretty much the same.

14. To be fair

It’s not fair if you’re not fair.

15. Let’s take a deep dive

This was the “cool” thing to say five years ago. Now it’s been drowned out (pardon the pun).

16. It is what it is

Yes, that’s true. It definitely “is what it is.” But the question is, what is it?

17. Low-hanging fruit

Someone who is talking about low-hanging fruit may not have much experience “reaching for the stars” (pun intended).

18. Move the needle

Everybody wants to “move the needle,” but without actionable advice this is a waste.

19. Think outside the box

Chances are high that the person who’s telling you think outside the box, is somehow firmly entrenched in a box of their own.

20. Get granular

You mean specific? Why don’t you just say “specific”?

21. This really has legs

It may have legs, but can it run?

22. Raise the bar

Raising our standard is great. But how’re we gonna keep it there?

23. Run it up the flagpole

We take it to our boss, who takes it to their boss, who in turn takes it to their boss. Once it reaches Ultimate Boss, what happens then?

24. Ducks in a row

If you’re vegetarian, substitute for eggs. Or don’t use at all.

25. My door is open

Your door is open, except when its closed.

A bit of Blue Sky Thinking

Let’s avoid smug phrases and stick to common sense uses of language. Otherwise we’ll all end up being nothing more than a bunch of smug muppets.

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