Let the Bidding Wars begin 🥊

The global property market hit the brakes when Covid-19 struck in early 2020. Since then drops in lending rates, fiscal policy initiatives, and new demand trends created a resurgence in activity; led initially by people trading-out of cramped apartments into larger homes offering more space.

For particular property types, prices are back at pre-covid levels, with many even selling above their asking price. Their landlords are seeing their prices bid upwards, and they’re riding that gravy train. 

Enter: Bidding Wars! But how can you emerge as the victorious broker?

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Do we really need Estate Agents?

By Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO – OVERWRITE.ai

The raison d’etre of PropTech, or property technology, is NOT to make realtors obsolete.

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Knowing your Buyer’s Personality type is your Secret Weapon.

Ever wished that you could read your buyer’s mind and be one step ahead of them?

Understanding the way your buyer thinks is your secret weapon to bringing home that sale. 

We reveal the 4 most common “Buyer Personalities” and the clues that could help you sell to them, better.

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