When Ayman met Jensen Huang

A Founder’s journey is never easy. 

One of the greatest joys of mine with overwrite.ai, has been to have our work validated by the AI industry’s undisputed leader. We are the only AI Proptech startup from MENA to be a member of NVIDIA’s prestigious Inception accelerator programme.

This week NVIDIA shot past Amazon and Google-parent Alphabet to a market cap of $1.83 Trillion, becoming the third most valuable US company after Apple and Microsoft, thanks to the strategic vision of its Founder & CEO Jensen Huang and his leadership team. 

Jensen was in Dubai attending the World Government Summit. And I had the pleasure of meeting him, together with His Excellency Omar Sultan AlOlama (UAE Minister of State for AI).

It was an evening filled with inspiration and game-changing insights.

My key takeaway? Listening to a man with such unmatched intellect. Whose vision is so expansive, it seems almost impossible that it’s contained within the mind of a single individual. 

As Jensen spoke about the symbiotic future of humanity and technology, I got a sense that the scale of his ambition is matched only by that of the Middle East, it’s leaders, and the people that are driving its future, forward. 

Nearly 20 years older than me, and with far fewer wrinkles; the legendary Jensen Huang

There are worse ways to spend an evening than getting mobbed on stage with none other than Jensen Huang

Having a giggle withthe one and only Jensen Huang

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