What will the King’s next move be?

It’s decision time for Estate Agents

Things are coming to a crunch in the ongoing saga between the UK’s largest real estate portal Rightmove, and the country’s network of Estate Agencies.

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Childhood Trends of Successful Entrepreneurs

What formative year experiences do modern entrepreneurs have in common?

by Jodie Cook – TEDx Speaker & Forbes Contributor

It’s impossible to control a child’s every encounter or conversation, at home or away. Unforeseen and undesirable circumstances will likely occur. The solution lies not in avoiding adversity at all costs, but in developing the attitude and mindset to thrive through any obstacle.

After researching the childhoods of hundreds of entrepreneurs and interviewing several successful entrepreneurs and business leaders from different backgrounds, I discovered six unmistakable commonalities in their stories. It’s only when looking back that trends are gleaned, but it gives an indication of what might happen when they are replicated for others.

These are the six childhood trends of future successful entrepreneurs. How many apply to your story?

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EID in the time of Corona

Eid Al Fitr is around the corner. 

The traditional celebration marking the end of Islam’s holy Ramadan, will be quite nontraditional this year.  

This time there will be no gathering in large groups, or visiting friends and loved ones. But what this Eid lacks in convention, we can make up for in compassion.  

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One Negotiation Tactic To Rule Them All

by Mike Vokin – Lead Instructor at Freelancer Masterclass

Whether you like it or not, negotiating is something we all have to do. Whether it’s a small negotiation with your spouse or a big business negotiation, it’s a skill that the vast majority of us don’t practice but one that is vitally important to success.

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