OVERWRITE.ai – An Origin Story

The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened the technological transformation of various sectors and Dubai’s property market has joined the bandwagon.

Cashing in on the need for change and operational efficiency among brokers in the industry, property technology platform OVERWRITE.ai was set up in the UAE in the third quarter of last year.

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Estate Agent lands in hot water

Real estate agent responded with laughing emojis to US$ 1.5million offer

by Eliza McPhee for Daily Mail Australia

An Australian real estate agent has been slammed for sending a laughing emoji in response to a potential buyer’s offer for a multi million-dollar property in Sydney.

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What will the King’s next move be?

It’s decision time for Estate Agents

Things are coming to a crunch in the ongoing saga between the UK’s largest real estate portal Rightmove, and the country’s network of Estate Agencies.

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The Camel & The Cunning Fox

It’s up to Estate Agents to reform Dubai’s real estate market. Here’s how.

By Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO – OVERWRITE.ai

Real estate is universal. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You cannot work, play, eat or sleep without it. Even lockdown would be impossible if not for property.

But Covid-19 has changed the real estate industry with a sudden, merciless force; one that can only be compared to a dormant volcano’s unforeseen eruption. It’s brought with it an economic uncertainty for which none of us were prepared. Markets don’t like uncertainty. It’s not good for business. 

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