How to make sure your House Flip doesn’t Flop

Real estate has long been the go-to investment for those looking to build long-term multi-generational wealth.  In red-hot real estate markets, a property’s time-on-market is often single-digit days, and a “fix and flip” investment is fast becoming a tempting strategy.

But as with any business decision, you must take some precautionary measures before diving in.

A “get rich quick” attitude to flipping a home could have you ending up in the poorhouse, and your project turning into a bottomless money pit. 

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Estate Agent lands in hot water

Real estate agent responded with laughing emojis to US$ 1.5million offer

by Eliza McPhee for Daily Mail Australia

An Australian real estate agent has been slammed for sending a laughing emoji in response to a potential buyer’s offer for a multi million-dollar property in Sydney.

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