Shopping for a home but scared of COVID?

Here’s how real estate agents are keeping clients safe.

By Jacob Passy – Personal Finance advisor for MarketWatch (New York)

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What does your steering wheel style say about you?

Apart from being home to some of the world’s best real estate, some of the first things that come to mind when you think of Dubai are supercars and living life in the fast lane. 

For real estate agents in particular, a fair amount of time is spent behind the wheel dashing between viewings. 

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Proptech a ‘must have’ for estate agents.

by Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO

Estate Agents need to be on the ball. Your customers are faced with a wealth of choice when it comes to selecting their new home. It’s hypercompetitive out there. Your brand, your experience, even your charm, can only get you so far.
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Dubai Residential Real Estate House View H1 | 2021

What a year we’ve all just had.

As we turn to face 2021 with measured optimism, what should we expect from a real estate market that has so many of us vested in it both professionally and personally?

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A Realtor’s Wishlist 🎄

This festive season, let’s enjoy a little light-hearted real estate humour.

Here’s our TOP 4 GIF’s of what most estate agents really want this holiday.

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Even those living high up, are putting down green roots

High-rise residents across the UAE are tending to their balcony gardens and scaling up their outdoor living spaces with innovative green ideas, as the World continues to appreciate more time spent at home.

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To succeed, spotlight the problem you’re solving.

By Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO –

We entered 2020 like everyone else, full of ambition and excitement. As the new decade dawned, there was clearly something about this  year that was going to be different. Business sentiment was abuzz; as were we.   

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Failure rates among Dubai’s estate agents are way too high

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By Aakarshan Kathuria – Special to Gulf News

Sizable number of such businesses are going bust, and it’s not just to do with market. Even when all the evidence suggests otherwise, there is this perception that selling a home doesn’t require much beyond basic skillsets.

What does it take to be a successful agent or agency in the Dubai real estate market?

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Dubai surprises to the upside!

New liberal laws introduced in a surprise weekend announcement by the UAE Government will see big changes to expat life in the United Arab Emirates.

With an economy hit hard by the Covid pandemic, this comes as a welcome boost. But what does this mean for the average resident or anyone looking to relocate?

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The US 2020 Election’s impact on Dubai property 🏡


How will the outcome affect the property market in faraway Dubai?

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The US Presidential Race 🇺🇸 and its impact on DUBAI real estate

With just days to go until the US presidential election, all eyes are on Washington as America faces an epic choice between two candidates who could not be more different. 

The result will have global ramifications. On the environment. On traditional alliances. On societies. On money markets. And yes, on DUBAI real estate. 

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