What does your steering wheel style say about you?

Apart from being home to some of the world’s best real estate, some of the first things that come to mind when you think of Dubai are supercars and living life in the fast lane. 

For real estate agents in particular, a fair amount of time is spent behind the wheel dashing between viewings. 

Despite a rapid drive within the industry towards more efficient, digital-led operations (with virtual viewings and zoom negotiations) it’s still part of the job to physically get from A to B.

But until self-driving cars become commonplace, can you judge the true character of a co-worker, colleague or customer by the way they hold the wheel? According to British psychotherapist Lohani Noor you can.

It’s all in the technique 

How you drive, and even how you hold the steering wheel, can reveal a lot about you… Take a look at which one of these describes you best:

1) The Bulldozer (palm on centre of wheel ready to blast horn)

You’re busy, bossy and you haven’t got time for people getting in your way.

Not one for taking time out to problem solve, you’d rather just push ahead and deal with the fall-out later. Others admire your boldness knowing they can rely on you to get the job done. You have ambitions and won’t let anything get in your way of achieving them. 


2) The Cool Dude (one hand at top of steering wheel)

You’re a one-hand, laid-back, cruising cool kid with an ethos that is relaxed and chilled. Put simply, you don’t take life seriously and you’re always set to ‘cruise control’.

Even in tough times like we’re facing now, you’re not getting stressed out and instead projecting an air of confidence and casual vibes. And it comes ever-so-naturally to steer single-handedly.


3) The Adventurer (one hand in the middle of the wheel)

You live life on the edge, and you would drive on the edge given half a chance. A risk-taker through and through, thrill-seeking is your mission in life. You live life to the fullest and your friends and colleagues applaud you for it.


4) The Perfectionist (hands at the 10 to 2′ position)

This is how your driving instructor taught you to hold the wheel, and for the Perfectionist it’s important to play by the rules. You will have great attention to detail and your motto is: ‘If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.’


5) The Boss (two sturdy hands on bottom of each side of the wheel)

Taking charge is your default setting. You have in-built leadership qualities and decisiveness is your middle name. Confidence in your abilities earns you great trust and others often turn to you for advice and guidance.


Stay safe

Whatever your technique behind the wheel, keep focused – it’s clear to see that 2021 is getting off to rip-roaring start for all of us in the real estate industry. Here’s to more listings and many more deals!

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