Even those living high up, are putting down green roots

High-rise residents across the UAE are tending to their balcony gardens and scaling up their outdoor living spaces with innovative green ideas, as the World continues to appreciate more time spent at home.

The Green Thumbed🌱

Even when living a city lifestyle, residents in many communities across the UAE are proving that innovatively turning a balcony into a fully-fledged year round garden space, adds more than just value to a home.

Stepping up to the challenges wrought by 2020, many residents transformed even relatively small balcony areas into attractive outdoor living spaces. During lockdown, those without the luxury of a garden, used the time to adorn their balconies with planters and balcony pots, cute lighting and artificial grass.

Big Balconies Better

It’s not just villas and townhouses that saw an uplift in demand. Flats with large balconies are proving a big, Big, BIG selling point for individuals looking to move to an apartment.

For some awesome ideas on how to transform your balcony into one “for the gram” check out these inspiring examples we’ve found for you.

But these Instagram-worthy outdoor oases aren’t just giving residents that extra space to unwind outdoors. By planting their own herbs (and in some cases growing vegetables in “vertical gardens”), these home-grown initiatives are all contributing, one green-thumb-at-a-time 🌱, to Dubai’s quest for sustainability.

Save the planet (and make it cute)

Currently, the UAE imports almost all of the food it consumes, with around 90 per cent coming from countries abroad and clocking up significant food miles. As part of the country’s national agenda and vision for 2021, it is prioritising environmental protection, and striving towards what it refers to as a “perfect economic-social equilibrium”. Meaning that every one of those green balconies, is helping us get to that goal.

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