Dubai surprises to the upside!

New liberal laws introduced in a surprise weekend announcement by the UAE Government will see big changes to expat life in the United Arab Emirates.

With an economy hit hard by the Covid pandemic, this comes as a welcome boost. But what does this mean for the average resident or anyone looking to relocate?

Splitting Bills

The changes are set to significantly broaden personal freedoms across the country, starting with the liberalisation of living arrangements which now allows for unmarried couples to cohabit across the Emirates.

So couples residing in Dubai who haven’t yet tied the knot, can now legally “enjoy” the many thrills of living together, such as sharing wardrobe space and splitting bills, including the rent!  

Set to take immediate effect, Dubai real estate agencies can expect to see a rise in demand for property from young couples previously hesitant about moving in together. While the authorities have typically turned a blind eye to cohabitors in the past, the threat of legal action or imprisonment has nonetheless hung like the Sword of Damocles over people in shared households, where cohabiting has long been a crime in the UAE.  

The move will reassure residents and provide a more conducive atmosphere for expatriates to put down deeper roots and invest in the country. 

Cheers All Round 👏

Other laws such as the loosening of alcohol restrictions, women’s rights and changes to divorce and inheritance, reflect the ever progressive and proactive attitude of the Emirates’ rulers.  

The amendments will allow individuals to make changes to their personal status or assets, under the jurisdiction of their home country, rather than the country’s Sharia-based code. 

The Future is Bright

Glistening Dubai has made its mark as a top destination for international tourists, fortune-seekers, go-getters, brands and businesses.

But with the impact of Covid-19 hitting the city state’s economy, Dubai has had to adapt quickly and these new measures reflect the country’s changing social profile…a welcome surprise to the upside! is a world first, user-friendly B2C platform that allows estate agents to instantly auto-write curated marketing descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind.

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