Agents Real Estate Video Goes Viral

Two agents have released a hilarious video and it’s gone viral.

The rap about their current “seller’s market” has struck a chord with realtors all over the world.

Dressed to mimic the stereotypical realtor, complete with aviators, mullet and moustache, the agents spin out lyrics to the rap entitled “Escrow” in an open house set up.

Brought to you from inside their “latest listing”, real estate agents Nathan Mills and Travis Metzen from Minnesota, rap about the “fall out” of the massive boom in the property market, whilst theatrically showing viewers around the lavish property, in true bling-rap style.

Laughter United

The fact that the satirical video has gone viral, proves just how much realtors can relate to the highs and lows of agency life and unite in their appreciation of the (often frustratingly) funny moments that it entails.

Real estate brokers world-wide were hit hard during global lockdown, so it’s refreshing to see these two agents appreciating the good times and poking fun at themselves with some light-hearted, creative marketing.

Hilariously accurate video has been receiving enthusiastic approval by agents around the world.

Going for Broke

Another realtor who’s capitalised on the ups and downs of life as a realtor is licensed LA broker Eric Simon, AKA @The Broke agent. He’s amassed more than 300,000 genuine followers on Instagram, making fun of the inner monologue of an anonymous struggling real estate agent. 

After six years of memes, Gifs, blogs, and now a podcast, the ‘Broke Agent’ brand has evolved into a media company with over half a million followers across all major platforms. And he’s probably sold a few houses along the way, too.

@TheBrokeAgent – making real estate agents laugh through their daily stress

Clearly, whether its a tongue-in-cheek video or a perfectly on-point industry meme, a little humour provides a much-needed escape from the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the job.

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