Do we really need Estate Agents?

By Ayman Alashkar – Founder & CEO –

The raison d’etre of PropTech, or property technology, is NOT to make realtors obsolete.

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What “type” of estate agent are you?

There’s a common myth that all agents are the same. For many, the estate agent is a money-driven animal. Untrustworthy. Even unethical. But whilst some agents might give validity to this not-so-favourable reputation, there are equally some very good agents, representing some of the most hardworking and honest characters in the industry.

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Knowing your Buyer’s Personality type is your Secret Weapon.

Ever wished that you could read your buyer’s mind and be one step ahead of them?

Understanding the way your buyer thinks is your secret weapon to bringing home that sale. 

We reveal the 4 most common “Buyer Personalities” and the clues that could help you sell to them, better.

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UAE ranked Best Arab country for Remote Working 2021

DUBAI: The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and 31st globally in a recent report about the best countries for remote working, state news agency WAM has reported.

The report, issued by UK-based business phone system company Circle Loop, looked at which countries offered the best environment for remote working, taking into consideration internet speed, rental rates and happiness indices

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What the Tech is going on?

Proptechs are reshaping how real estate is bought, sold, leased, and managed. And they are here to stay.

While traditional real estate practices such as in-person home tours aren’t going away, everyone invested in real estate (that’s pretty much all of us) is re-examining how they will go about things in a post-COVID-19 world.

From the home search process, right through to auction and transaction platforms, there’s almost certainly a proptech solution that serves your needs.

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