What “type” of estate agent are you?

There’s a common myth that all agents are the same. For many, the estate agent is a money-driven animal. Untrustworthy. Even unethical. But whilst some agents might give validity to this not-so-favourable reputation, there are equally some very good agents, representing some of the most hardworking and honest characters in the industry.

An agent’s overall persona can be instinctively sensed by clients from a first encounter. It can create a lasting relationship for the years to come, or go the completely opposite way. You know what I’m talking about. Knowing your personality type and how to pair it with your client’s persona, may well be the difference between winning or losing a deal.

We’ve categorised some of the most common real estate agent personalities. Which of them best describes your style?

The Classic Salesperson

This might be what most people conjure up in their minds when they think of the stereotypical real estate agent. The classic salesperson, who acts and feels like they were born for this role. While they can be very efficient, they’re also predictable. They skip over the negatives in a sale, preferring to only sell the ‘positives’.

The ‘Always Sunny’ Person 

This type of agent will always tend to be motivated and enthusiastic in every encounter. If a client is a cynic or an introvert, they may feel exhausted by this level of energy and personalities might soon start to clash.

The Rookie

Generally a term used to describe someone ‘new to the game’, the typical rookie will be overzealous. Eager to please. This could work in the client’s favour, if they’re devoted and grateful for the business. Sometimes though, the Rookie agent may actually be (or at least come across as) too inexperienced.

The One (Wo)man Show

This is the broker who does everything, and knows everything (or at least claims to). They’re competent, sometimes to a fault. Never one to hand over a client to another colleague, even if said colleague has specialised knowledge that may be helpful, the One (Wo)man Show will tackle it all. The downside is when they get busy, clients can find them hard to pin down.

The Tech Head 

The early-adopter. The first to get excited about the latest apps, gadgets, and technologies the market has to offer. If your client is also a tech-head, and insists on knowing how their new home incorporates the latest tech products, or wants their agent to use particular tech-tools to market their home, this could be the perfect match. But the Tech Head must be careful not to layer the tech too thick, or risk confusing and overwhelming their client.

The Team Player

You’ll find many real estate agents tend to specialise in specific geographic areas. This helps to offer clients a deep level of specialist service in certain aspects of the job. The Team Player will refer you on to other members of their team to ensure the client gets the best outcome. Great for clients, especially those who enjoy speaking to a specialist in particular fields. But be mindful of clients that prefer to only deal with one person throughout their process. A good team player should stay involved with their client while ensuring the optimal level of customer care is being delivered.

The Super-Agent’s toolkit

When clients are looking for an agent to help buy, sell, or lease their home, they’re essentially investing in a partnership. And the personalities of both parties within this plays a huge part in determining the outcome of any interaction.

A super-agent will be able to aptly draw from a mixed bag of personality traits, given the moment, and the parties involved.

Thankfully, modern, professional estate agents are more equipped than ever with the technological tools that support them in deepening their client relations.

Those tools make your working day more efficient. Investing in them is a direct investment into that client partnership, giving you the time and the information with which to deepen it.

overwrite.ai is an AI-assisted content creator that helps real estate agents instantly curate unique and search optimised property marketing descriptions.

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abusaliq ali
2 years ago

i am impreseed with the overwrite concept, but honestlhy i a little bit confused once it is done how to promote the adds, i need to speak to some one in phone before i sign.