Wellness trend sweeps through property market

Having a home designed for sustainability is no longer something “nice to have”. Boosted by the longer term impact of Covid, a new-found focus on health has rapidly raised the profile of eco-friendly homes, with sustainability and green tech getting wrapped up into a broader sense of overall “wellness.”

And emphasis on wellness features, or eco-luxury, to boost property profiles, is sweeping across property markets world-wide. 

What was previously considered an added expense or after thought, is now expected, among many buyers, (particularly in the luxury market), as part of the pitch.

The Blossoming of Wellness Real Estate

For sellers and developers, adding in eco-friendly features can help a listing stand out from its competition, and potentially speed up sales.  And not just in luxury listings, there’s a push for greener features extending into smaller, more trend-influenced apartment amenities, as well.

People are increasingly seeing the upside in sustainable homes, with features including electric car charging stations tapping into a growing desire for environmentalism. According to data from US property brokerage, Redfin, a rise of almost 10% in property viewings that are classed under the “energy efficient” category, has been reported in the past year.

Eco Luxury and Wellness Hand in Hand

Added to the broader concern for wellness born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tide is turning in favour of high-design green homes and buildings.

Many luxury developers are betting on the combination of health and sustainability amenities as a selling point, and seeing significant amounts of interest as a result. 

Solar panelling. Electric car chargers. Infrared technology. UV lighting. It’s fast becoming the new norm and expected to come as “part of the package” in today’s luxury developments. But buyers are also willing to pay a premium to be more green. With electric cars now being seen as a status symbol, the eco-conscious home buyers who want to accentuate this luxury wellness vibe, are looking for health-oriented, sustainable features built into their properties.

Tesla turning the tides

The importance of luxury homes that support electric vehicles will only grow, and we’re already seeing other luxury car brands, aside from Tesla, step up with electrification.

The original eco car manufacturer has also expanded its green tech reach, with the recent launch Tesla solar panelling.

Homeowners can now monitor and control their homes’ power through the Tesla solar App.

Tesla Power Wall – built in to your home, available on demand, even during power outages

Added Resale Value

Ten years ago, added smart features such as the wine cooler were being built into kitchens to give it that edge. Now buyers are asking about air filtration, water filtration and other green-tech touch points to be fitted at the outset. They want something that’s plug and play, versus having to spend the money themselves.

Now features such as electric car charging units and solar panelling, that previously hadn’t been high on many a house hunters’ wish lists, are becoming attractive USPs.

So don’t underestimate green tech’s value, and consider the resale. It’s one more thing that will make your house more saleable.

Growing desirability for post-pandemic Eco-Luxury, Sustainable Home

The Future Home Brand

If recent world events have taught us anything, it’s that our health is our number one priority. Living in sustainable homes is becoming a health brand, a stamp of approval, beyond aesthetics or status.

And with increasing time spent at home, our daily environment, the way our property is built, and its direct impact on our health and wellbeing, has never been more important. In fact, it’s gathering a lot more momentum that people think, and what was once considered a trend is now becoming a transformation.

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