Suit Hacks for the Fashion Forward Realtor

Name any real estate agent on the planet who would turn down a brand new wardrobe full of tailor-made suits 👔🔥… We couldn’t either.

But it can become an expensive habit. And it doesn’t take a fashionista, or financial advisor, to tell you that blowing every commission cheque on a fancy new suit probably isn’t the wisest decision.

So, for the broker who wants to “look the part”, without breaking the bank, check out these Suit Shopping Hacks.

1. Size Matters

Suit sizing is actually pretty straightforward once you know what you need. Your jacket size is roughly equivalent to the diameter of your chest plus an inch or so of fabric so you can breathe. If your chest is 40 inches in diameter, then you’re probably going to be a 42 jacket size. If you’re in doubt you can always get measured for free at any department store.

Trouser waists are pretty easy. Just a case of wrapping a tape measure around your waist. When it comes to length there’s only 3 options. “R” for regular, “S” for short, and “L” for long. Unless you’re unusually short or tall, chances are an “R” will fit fine.

2. The Last Drop

Now that you know your jacket size and waist size, you need to learn what a “drop” is. This is especially important if you’re ordering your suit online, so you know what size trousers your new suit will come with. The drop is just the difference in size between the jacket and the trousers. For example, if a suit is a 40R drop six, that means the jacket is size 40, and the trousers are 6 inches smaller, so a 34 inch waist.

3. A Cut Above

This might take some time, but before you can confidently shop online for a suit, you need to learn how different designers size their suits off the rails. For example, some suit brands are notoriously roomy. Others are cut just right, and more fashion forward Italian suits might be cut super tight. That means you could be an entirely different jacket size in one shop to another.

4. Love Thy Tailor

A good tailor can make even a suit that’s been picked from the rails, look like it was made-to-measure. A few alterations here and there can go a long way. Befriend the tailor in your local community and see what his limits are for alterations. Soon that oversized jacket will be fitting you like a glove.

5. Bargain Hunter

Once you understand which suit best fits your body shape, it’s a matter of waiting for the sales to hit, and get in there first. Many of the middle range brands, selling suits on the high street or online, regularly have great sales where you can get an excellent quality at a fraction of the original price.

A Little Goes a Long Way

There’s no denying that a custom-made suit will look better than anything you can get off the hanger, regardless of how much it sets you back. But, for the brokers who either aren’t ready to go bespoke, or who’d rather be savvy with their spending, this list should have you looking the part, at a fraction of the price.

In the mean time, carry yourself with confidence, channel your mindset to success, and with a touch of ‘Harvey Specter Swagger’, you’ll be surprised how far a cheeky high street hack can take you. is a world first, user-friendly marketing solution that allows estate agents to instantly autowrite unique, search-optimised property descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind.

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