Neckties and Ice Cream

Once upon a time there was a rookie salesman who, like many others, was preoccupied with the brand of car he drove. How crisp his shirt was. How straight the cut of his suit. How spotless his shoes. And how perfect the knot on his necktie.

One day he was running late for a client meeting. So he stopped to buy ice creams for the client’s children.

100,000 hours later, he met the same client again.

“You bought us ice creams” the now teenage children recalled, as their parents looked on, smiling.

There was no mention of the necktie he’d worn.

100,000 hours of more sales experience, didn’t create that client connection. Nor did all the neat shirts, shiny shoes and tailored suits.

That impulse of grabbing ice creams for a pair of children he hardly knew, did.

More Mileage Please

Your career gets more mileage from your genuine acts of kindness, than from all the Teslas you can buy. is an AI-assisted content creator that helps real estate agents instantly curate unique and search-optimised property marketing descriptions. 

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2022: A Year Estate Agents Will Either Love, or Fear

Last year was a watershed for estate agents the world over. Records tumbled month after month, as many of you banked commission cheques most had only dreamed of.

A decade of quantitative easing, low interest rates, and pandemic-era government stimuli have made real estate, typically an illiquid asset class, more liquid than ever before.

With homes on the market for days rather than months, bidding wars became front-page news. It’s been in-sane!

There are no guarantees that these good times will continue. With inflation already exceeding central banks’ expectations in many developed economies, there is a very real risk of markets turning around.

Even if you’re not concerned with worst case scenarios, have a look at what some real estate thought leaders predict will be crucial for success in 2022:

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