New Portal Partnership Packs a Punch

A little over two years ago, when Covid-19 first struck, businesses everywhere scrambled to respond to the enormous uncertainties that suddenly appeared ahead.

For real estate agents, survival became the highest priority. Social Distancing meant they were unable to show homes in person. Buyers and tenants slammed the brakes on any plans they had. Business collapsed. The very existence of the estate agent was being questioned.

Many real estate agencies appealed for understanding from the marketplace portals they list on. Hoping for some respite. Fee discounts. Payment moratoria. Anything that could help.

Unhappy with the responses they got, a group of Captains of Industry decided to create their own marketplace portal.

One that was intended to meet their needs. And the needs of others like them.

Perhaps inspired at the time by a series of OpEds from our CEO Ayman Alashkar 😉, this brave band of business minds clubbed together and created Houza; Dubai’s only Agency-backed real estate marketplace. (read Open Revolt and All Hail The King!)

Fast forward to the present day. The and Houza teams got together and thought; “You don’t print, sign and scan your documents anymore. There’s Docusign for that. So why would you still write your listing descriptions manually, when you’ve got”

And just like that, here we are. Tickled pink to announce our partnership with Houza and its network of leading real estate agencies.

Sharing the Love

And here’s the best part.

For a limited time only, we’re giving Houza customers a monumental 50% off* their first monthly feature plan subscription. That’s hot!

Whether you’re posting your property listing on your website or for the world to see, is the AI writing assistant you need.

Use to save time and increase your customer engagement.

Contact your Houza account manager to claim your promo code.

*Applies to monthly plans only. Limited time offer. No minimum contract period required. Code valid for single use only.

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