Estate Agents Are In Open Revolt

Last week the UK’s leading real estate portal ignored Estate Agents’ appeals to reduce fees, preferring to kick the can down the road. A decision that turned out to be disastrous. ?

As COVID-19 pressures mount on UK Estate Agencies, hundreds of them requested RIGHTMOVE, the country’s largest property portal, reduce its fees. Instead, Rightmove deferred fee payments. That has sent the country\’s Estate Agents into open revolt.

Social media criticism has gone into hyperdrive. A ‘SAY NO TO RIGHTMOVE’ campaign claims to have over 900 agencies signed up, and growing. And Anti-Rightmove websites have mushroomed.

To their credit, Rightmove’s CEO has since publicly apologised. They’ve cancelled their ill-fated deferment plan, and have now offered a blanket 75% fee discount for four months.

But has that been enough to quell the fires of discontent?

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