Will Estate Agency Ever Be The Same?

by Ayman Alashkar – Co-Founder & CEO – OVERWRITE.ai

There’s an old saying about necessity being the mother of invention. COVID-19 has forced us to re-evaluate our lives and our livelihoods. It’s made businesses redefine Work, giving many people an opportunity to also redefine what kind of work, works for them. Estate Agents are no exception.

Every Estate Agent remembers what inspired them to join the game. Whether it was the opportunity to meet people. The flexibility of not being office bound. The ability to earn as much as your potential allows. Or the allure of beautiful, tangible properties. Now as you soldier through these tough times, draw from that inspiration.

Remember that Real Estate is universal. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We cannot work, play or sleep without it. Even Lockdown would be impossible if not for property. Your skills are equally universal. In demand anytime, anywhere.

As a Proptech entrepreneur I’ve had it said to me countless times, “Estate Agents are slow to adopt change”.  Each time I hear it I find my inner voice screaming ‘Nonsense!‘ Estate Agents are discerning. Highly motivated. They can even be wily at times. One thing they certainly are not, is slow-to-evolve.

For proof look how quickly Estate Agents have adapted to life under Lockdown. Despite working from home, today’s Agents are seeing transactions through from start to finish without leaving their living rooms. They’re using technology to communicate with their colleagues and clients.  They’re digitally marketing their properties and their brand, with a smartphone and two thumbs. They’re even shaking up giant industry portals with the strength of their resolve.

All these adaptations. But are they enough?

To create strategic advantage for themselves, Estate Agencies should also look to innovate their business model. They must ask themselves the hard questions, like “Why pay so much in office rent when deals can be closed from home?”

Numerous tools are now available online. Used well, they collectively drive down costs and improve efficiency. CRM’s. Virtual video tours. Auto-written marketing content. Employee time-sheeting. Social media and much more. How can today’s Estate Agency harness this power and evolve?

So many costs have been shown to be unnecessary. So much fat can be trimmed. Necessity is forcing change. It’s time to innovate. In the name of thinking creatively, “Everything is permitted. Nothing is forbidden.”

We’re about to witness exciting, revolutionary breakthroughs in the real estate industry. Some agencies will take innovative strides forward. A few entrepreneurial estate agents will take a leap of faith, forging their own path armed with a brilliant new idea and laser-like determination.

Real Estate is eternal. It’s not going anywhere. It’s the Real Estate Agent that must continue evolving.

Estate Agency rockstars use OVERWRITE.ai to instantly auto-write their property marketing content in multiple languages, with a click.

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