UAE restaurant adds AI to the menu

Would you order an AI generated pizza? If you’re a Pizza lover in Dubai, now you can…

Chefs in Dubai are now using Generative AI to refine their recipes. To mark the launch of its new restaurant, a Dubai pizzeria has added a new pizza topping to its menu. And it’s been created using generative AI.

Jumping on the global AI hype-cycle, and inspired by the Gen AI trend, the pizza chef asked ChatGPT to create the recipe.

Using the prompt “pizza for Dubai customers”, it produced a recipe that featured “lamb kofta on a thin dough, with a sauce made of tahini and sumac.”

Localised AI

The pizza is inspired by the Shawarma – a popular snack enjoyed by Emiratis and local residents across the UAE.

However the chef did have to make some tweaks to the ChatGPT recipe. 

According to an interview in The National, he switched lamb for chicken and added some other local spices, making it more authentic to the region.

ChatGPT also suggested using feta cheese as a topping, but the final product features paneer cheese instead.

This highlights a common fear of just how much we can rely on outputs generated by AI.

“Human oversight is always required when using artificial intelligence, in order to ensure the output is applicable in real world scenarios. We cannot blindly accept everything that generative AI suggests to us.

– Ayman Alashakar, Founder and CEO

AI for tasks not jobs

The idea is a great viral marketing stunt to generate PR for the restaurant. But it does support the argument that AI wont replace jobs (in this case a chef).

Instead it allows professionals to be more creative, inject fresh ideas into their existing skillset, and save time. is a pioneering Themed Generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. 

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