Time-Busting Hacks all Estate Agents must know

Whether you’re new to estate agency or a seasoned veteran, your daily to-do list must feel like it’s off the scale. In this 21st century, post-Covid world we live in, how you manage your workload makes the difference between you and the next broker. 

From marketing yourself and your listings, networking, transacting, managing colleagues and clients, it can be overwhelming for even the most experienced realtor. So many tasks. So little time. Sometimes it may feel like it’s hard to even know where to start.

We’ve got your answer, in one little word. Efficiency.

And this week, we’re bringing you 5 daily time-busting hacks that’ll help you master the art of it. 

Whether you’re teaching yourself, or teaching your new hires, there are always new “work hacks” that’ll have you increasing your efficiency, saving time and making more money.

#1 Plan your day

Set aside time every morning to think through your plan for the day. It might be during your morning shower, while you’re driving to the office, or making that first coffee of the day. Clearly define what you must do, should do and want to do — and plan it like a boss.

#2 Align with AI

AI is here to make life easier. And real estate themed generative AI is built to leverage property professionals. Boosting efficiency on a daily basis.  Consider the time-consuming task of writing property descriptions. By using overwrite.ai, agents can instantly create unique and engaging listing descriptions in seconds, with artificially intelligent, time-saving technology. What’s more, the generative-AI listing descriptions are proven to generate more leads. 

#3 No more Netflix 

Having your favourite Netflix series or Insta reel playing in the background while you catch up on paperwork, might feel like multi-tasking, but don’t kid yourself. It’s most probably the most counter-productive thing you could be doing. Instead, get comfortable at your desk with your favourite drink, or better still, grab a table at your local cafe, and have one made for you. Focus. Drown out everyone and everything that isn’t contributing to your task. You’ll get the job done quicker. 

#4 Time-block

This simple strategy of allocating a set time to certain tasks throughout the day can seriously increase efficiency. For example, dedicate specific chunks to lead generation, content creation, viewings, or other professional tasks. Creating alarms on your phone to remind you of the timetable (so you actually do the jobs you’ve allocated time for), is also a handy tip.  

#5 Save the best ’til last

It’s all about priorities. The task you dread the most should be the one to get done first. Tackling this head-on will only help make the rest of your day run more smoothly. That sense of accomplishment early on can mean the difference between a good day or a bad one.

Make it count

Being a real estate agent is like running your own small business. And like any profitable venture, there’s no room for time wasting. How your wealth and business grow, will depend on efficiencies your create in your productivity and time management.  New habits or technologies can’t be learned overnight. But by following these simple time-saving strategies, you’ll build a solid foundation for success. 

Get in the habit of always reviewing how you can be more efficient. You’ll find yourself reaching your goals faster, even surpassing them. Whether it’s watching a webinar to improve your negotiation skills, or using a real estate themed generative AI, to ensure your listings are engaging, fresh and error-free. As long as you’re always testing and evolving yourself, you’ll power ahead of the competition.

More about overwrite.ai

overwrite.ai is a Foundation Language Model. We are a pioneering themed generative AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. overwrite.ai creates the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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