The Importance of Estate Agent Branding

by Ayman Alashkar – Co-Founder & CEO –

To stand out from the competition, Estate Agents must create a brand identity that resonates with tenants, buyers and landlords.

Establishing yourself as an Estate Agent requires more than just putting word out into your community that you are open for business.

What kind of properties you specialise in, how long you’ve been working in the market, and whether you live in or near your area of expertise. These are all questions you should get used to answering.

To brand yourself and your Agency, you need to dig deep. Nobody wants another salesperson. You need to be an Educator. A sharer of valuable information. Above all, you must create a sense of trust in your target community.

Here are 3 useful tips how.

  1. Don’t be a jack of all trades. Find a niche and own it.
    • First time buyers
    • Holiday homes
    • New homes
    • Downsizers
    • New-to-Towners
    • Corporate Rentals
    • International Properties
    • Foreclosures and Auctions
    • There are plenty more. Choose your groove.
  1. Get Sticky
    Whether you’re a large agency with corporate standards or a smaller operation with flexibility. Distribute marketing collateral which has staying power. Real estate portals and social media are great for many reasons, but having your listings rapidly pushed down their feeds and rankings is inefficient. Make sure to stay abreast of the latest technological changes. Use Proptechs that give your brand stickiness by selling your properties with a story. Stories lodge in people’s memories. Historical fact.

  1. People respond to People
    The best way to garner trust among your target audience is to show them that people just like them, have trusted you. Gather testimonials. Go further. Open yourself to customer ratings. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. They’re opportunities to grow and improve. Allow your customers to validate to your audience that you’re knowledgeable, and you deliver on your promises.

In this highly competitive industry, how are you distinguishing yourself?

Estate Agency rockstars use to instantly auto-write their property marketing content in multiple languages, with a click.

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