The Battle of the Portals

In the latest move from the UK’s fierce property portal wars, Zoopla, the market’s second largest player, has just launched a red-hot 🔥 new app feature ‘My Home’, backed by a multi-million pound marketing blitz. And it’s all designed to make your job easier.   

My Home is powered up with every tool a homeowner might need, to sell their house. They’ll now have finger-tip access to more relevant statistics and market insights on their current home, than they could ever dream of.

For the hearts and minds of homeowners

Part of their powerful pitch is My Home’s claim to actually “change the hearts of the most contented homeowners”. By turning passive homeowners into informed, active sellers, and delivering more value, it hopes to give the brand further edge to ultimately be the No.1 portal in the UK.

The specific goal of Zoopla’s My Home in nudging the segment of UK households that are ‘thinking’ of selling their home, into action, is set to have a net positive effect on agents.

My Home should appeal to this critical segment of its customer base; agents – who will ultimately see the value – as sellers become more informed about their home, and when it’s the right time to sell.

Turbo-charged times

With the current UK housing market running at full speed, accelerated by the ongoing stamp duty holiday, and government measures to increase mortgage availability, there’s little wonder portals are aggressively vying for market share. 

Proptech’s priorities

Portals are enjoying record levels of user engagement, and not just in the UK.

In the UAE, the market is also on fire. Leading portals Property Finder, Bayut/Dubizzle, and new entrant Houza, should also be doing their best to make your job easier. That’s what a good proptech must be about.

Isn’t it nice when your proptech prioritises you? is a world first, user-friendly marketing solution that allows estate agents to instantly autowrite unique, search-optimised property descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind.

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