The things every agent NEEDS in their car

As a real estate professional, you’ve got to be prepared for everything.

Dashing between viewings. Meeting with sellers all over town. You’re always on the go, spending hours behind the wheel.

You need a car kit that’s going to get you through anything the job can throw at you.


The basics go without saying. Wallet. Phone. Business cards. Keys – but there’s so much more that the real estate road warrior needs. Here’s our list of 12 things we recommend you keep on hand at all times.

1. WATER 💧💧

Even in hotter climates, water is often something we take for granted. But when you’re out and about all day; you’re gonna get parched. So have plenty of water. And bring some for your thirsty clients, too. 


From sandy footprints to greasy fingers and toilet breaks, wet wipes can deal with just about anything. 

3. SNACKS 🥯🍏

Three square meals a day? Not a chance, in this profession. So be sure to keep a stash of nutritious, non-perishable snacks on the go, for those back-to-back meeting days where there’s no choice but to refuel on the fly. 


No one wants to ruin their good shoes on a dirty building site, or lose a sale looking like you’ve just stepped out of a sandpit or puddle. Slip on your backup, not-so-posh pair, while keeping your fancy ones for the Show Home.


Waiting for clients can be boring. Killing time on your phone is a sure fire battery drainer. Keep an extra charger on hand at all times. Bonus points if you keep an external battery, too.


Goes without saying, even in our Post-COVID world. Agents are touching everything. From shaking hands to turning doorknobs. There’s no end to the number of touch points on the job. Have a sanitiser on you. Offer it to clients. It won’t go unnoticed, and it keeps you safe. And while you’re at it, throw in some face masks for added protection.


These are great for everything – from dealing with rubbish to tidying up an unexpected mess just before a client turns up for a viewing.


These bad boys can solve a multitude of problems. Who knew zip ties could be put to so many uses? Securing swinging gates, carrying multiple keys, or fixing your most recent “Sold” sign. They’re basically the real estate version of duct tape, so bring ‘em with you.


Small, thoughtful touches are the kind of thing that clients remember, after you’ve left. So when it comes to the little extra touches that set your service apart from the other agents, the devil is in the detail.

9. MINTS 🟢

When that quick snack you grabbed before a viewing happens to have been loaded with garlic. This is guaranteed to have even the keenest buyer look the other way. Keep your breath minty fresh and save yourself the embarrassment.

10. BAND AIDS 🩹💊

Whether it’s a blister from the new designer shoes or a nasty little splinter, the last thing you need is a detour to the local pharmacy to slow you down. Pack a few Band Aids and be prepared for any first aid emergencies. Headache pills are also a game changer!


Mosquitoes. Flies. Giant Grasshoppers. Whatever bugs are distracting you from your sales pitch, they need to be repelled, ASAP. Running away from a wasp isn’t the lasting impression you’re looking for.


Late night viewings aren’t ideal. Disconnected power sucks. Keep a torch in your car trunk for those occasions when the light switches don’t work. You never know which competitor agent is lurking out there in the dark…

Keep this kit in your motor and you’ll be prepared for just about anything! is a world first, user-friendly marketing solution that allows estate agents to instantly autowrite unique, search-optimised property descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind.

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