This Halloween, don’t let viewings turn into a Horror Show 😱

Real estate agents are a brave bunch. Walking into unfamiliar homes day in day out; prepared to deal with whatever surprises may hide behind closed doors.

But from time to time, the odd buyer mis-hap can make for cringe-worthy viewings 🥴

So with Halloween just around the corner, we’re sharing a few examples of “embarrassing buyer behaviour” that could turn your viewings into real-life horror stories… 

Breaking Bad.

Years of air guitar practice doesn’t mean a buyer is entitled to pick up a seller’s limited-edition guitar and bang out a quick rendition of their favourite rock ballad, in case they drop it in the process. Break something of value, and it could cost more than just an awkward silence.  

Not So Handy, Man!

There are those buyers that see themselves as quite the handyman, or think they’ve stumbled across a prime renovation project. But even if they’re convinced there are gorgeous hardwood floors beneath, best not to let them go ripping up carpet corners just yet. If they’re curious about any original features in a property, go ahead and ask the seller; it’s a much safer option.  

Four-Pawed Friends.

Some buyers feel it’s important that every member of the family sees the property – right down to the household pooch. Unfortunately, even in pet-friendly communities, there’s no guarantee that sellers will appreciate an entourage. Many a dog has marked their territory on a seller’s living room floor ⛲.

You don’t want to be the agent that happens with. So leave the pet, and the mother-in-law, at home.

There’s The Door.

Buyers will naturally compare the property you’re showing them to others in a similar area bought at a lower price, and it might get awkward if a seller takes offence. Dialogues like this can provoke a hostile comeback from the seller. Break any tension by reminding everyone that home prices depend on many factors such as location, features, the rarity of the property, any value that’s been added and most importantly, the current market condition. Don’t let your viewing end with your buyer being unceremoniously escorted from the property.   

Using the bathroom. 

Home buyers should realise the bathroom is not for them. Taking care of their business before coming to a viewing, is just good manners. Imagine receiving a call from the vendor afterwards, telling you they’ve discovered an unpleasant surprise in their toilet.  Using a seller’s restroom should be for emergencies only.

A Matter of Manners. 

While we’re talking manners, probably the worst thing that can actually happen to you, is if your buyer shows up for a viewing late or takes phone calls during it. Everybody’s time is important to them. If your buyer’s the type that doesn’t respect other people’s time, entertain them at your own peril, because that’s a horror story waiting to happen… to you! is a world first, user-friendly B2C platform that allows estate agents to instantly auto-write curated marketing descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind.

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