Palestine Tech Launch: Tools for Palestinian Support

Paul Biggar, the founder of Tech for Palestine, hopes to raise more awareness of the war in Gaza, fight for a permanent ceasefire and provide ways for those who are afraid to speak publicly in support of Palestine to still offer support. 

It is one of the first tech initiatives to take a public stance supporting Palestine and could represent a turning point in the venture industry’s posture regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict as more people seek to speak out in favor of a ceasefire.

More than 40 founders, investors, engineers and others in the tech industry are today announcing a coalition called Tech for Palestine to build open source projects, tools and data to help others in the industry advocate for the Palestinian people.

The platform, still in its early days, will feature projects run by small groups and serve as a place to share resources and advice, something many pro-Palestinian tech workers are already doing privately. 

It has already secured names like Idris Mokhtarzada, founder of the unicorn Truebill, to help build out the platform. So far, it has created a badge for engineers to use on GitHub that calls for a ceasefire and created HTML snippets for people to use on their websites to put up a support ceasefire banner.

Ayman Alashkar, Founder & CEO shares on LinkedIn his support for Tech for Palestine

With your help we aim to end the dehumanisation of Palestinians within the tech community, and to bring voice to those who speak up. 

Please share with any techies you know. This is an open source platform supporting Palestinians and BDS more broadly. It’s still in early beta but already a great resource:

✅ Naming VC’s who support Israel’s genocide
✅ Suggesting alternatives to Israeli technology and gaps that can be populated by Palestinian technologists
✅GitHub repositories of badges, banners and codes that can be inserted directly on websites to show support for Palestine.

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This story has been published from an article in TechCrunch published on January 2024.

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