How to earn that Million-Dollar Commission Cheque?

What does it take to become a top real estate agent?  

There’s no denying the profession is relentless; with extreme working hours, emotional roller-coasters, short-weekends, and no guaranteed income. Estate agents must be prepared, sometimes through no fault of their own, for deals to crumble at the last minute.

So, it’s no exaggeration that many of the world’s top brokers eat, sleep and breathe real estate.   

And with the rapid digitisation of many real estate processes, from virtual viewings to automated contract signings (made even more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19), further disrupting traditional, face-to-face real estate business, it’s fair to say that the well-known industry meme of the broker “married to his phone”, rings ever-more true (pardon the pun). 

Many a successful broker will tell you that it is never a case of “working to live”; that in real estate you “live to work” and unless you genuinely “love what you do”, the inevitable burn-out will come quick. 

With colossal pressure to deliver results amid fierce competition, the industry’s turnover rate is understandably high. So how can you identify what it takes to earn that fat million-dollar commission cheque?

Here are 3 ways to reap the rewards and be a top performer in the industry. 

1. Be a Certain Type of Character

Competition is fierce, but you’ll find most successful agents usually own most or all of these traits:  

  • Passionate about what they do
  • Positive and energetic
  • Goal oriented and strategically focused
  • Natural communicators
  • Take-no-shit negotiators
  • Problem solvers
  • Resilience – “a thick skin”
  • Open to new technologies that improve efficiency 

2. Make Delivering on your Goal your Top Quality

Set a goal, have a strategy, operate with a clear and positive mindset, and the results will follow. Results matter, so you must know exactly how many houses you need to view each month, on average, to reach your minimum level of income. This will foster an “onto the next” mentality with certainly no time to dwell on the ones that got away or rest on your laurels.

3. Play on your Natural Assets

Pretending to be something that you’re not, 24/7, requires expending your natural energy source. It’s not sustainable. You’ll quickly tire.  

Instead, leverage what comes naturally – so if an enthusiastic and positive mindset is your default character, then play on this. But if a quieter, more reserved approach is your super-power, this can be equally effective. And don’t be afraid to switch it to Beast Mode if the situation warrants; that million-dollar commission cheque could come even sooner. 

At the end of the day, it’s also about building a reputation for yourself as an honest, dependable professional.  But with the right balance of qualities, (and knowing how to work them to your best advantage), a thick skin, and dedication to the job, real estate rewards BIG.

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