Exploring the Unlikely (AI) Connections

Ever wondered about the challenges of regulating AI and predicting its impact on humanity? It’s a tough nut to crack, and some have chosen not to even try. 

Uncover the secrets as Ayman Alashkar, CEO and Founder of overwrite.ai discuss AI Regulation with Zeena Zalamea and Sonal Rupani on Dubai Eye 103.8. πŸŽ™οΈ

EU AI Act: Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on the future of AI regulation in Europe | Euronews By Reuters

Germany’s Economy Ministry, which is in charge of the topic together with the Ministry of Digital Affairs, said laws and state control should not regulate AI itself, but rather its application.

Digital Affairs Minister Volker Wissing told Reuters he was very pleased an agreement had been reached with France and Germany to only limit the use of AI.

“We need to regulate the applications and not the technology if we want to play in the top AI league worldwide,” Wissing said.

France, Germany & Italy believe the new AI rules should be binding for everyone

Initially, no sanctions should be imposed, according to the joint paper.

However, if violations of the code of conduct are identified after a certain period of time, a system of sanctions could be set up.

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This story has been published from an article in euronews published on November 2023.

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