Who said the startup scene was drying up?

The UAE’s Start-up scene is fit and healthy, and OVERWRITE.ai is the proof in the pudding.

The innovative web-application that instantly autowrites property marketing descriptions has recently closed a strategic Seed Funding round that it will use to fuel growth. Despite the numerous challenges that 2020 presented, OVERWRITE.ai has launched, grown and raised capital, all during COVID. 

Now this pioneering proptech Start-up is entering its crucial second stage of multi-directional growth.

Having first released a concept version in Dubai’s thriving real estate market at the end of 2019, OVERWRITE.ai quickly met with demand.  COVID forced a change within the real estate industry, away from the traditional, towards the digital. As businesses sought ways to improve their operational efficiency, OVERWRITE.ai offered a solution, helping real estate agencies boost their profitability. That led to rapid user uptake. It’s now growing at a rate as fast and smart as the technology that it is built around, transforming the way realtors market properties.  

OVERWRITE.AI is an example of a PropTech Start-up that has thrived in pandemic conditions, due to a business model reinforced by the digitally-driven demands of the global workforce.  

R&D on this ground-breaking tech platform began back in 2018 with a singular goal…to intelligently automate the task of writing curated, search-optimised and informative property marketing descriptions. 

Everyone loves a good origin story

Of the idea behind OVERWRITE, Ayman Alashkar, Founder and CEO says:

“For years, I couldn’t understand how some agencies advertise their properties so lackadaisically, using stale, often copy-paste marketing content. Their online listings are their digital ‘shop window’ to the world and yet so many of them are either poorly written, error-laden, or utterly unengaging. Rather than attracting leads, they seemed to have the opposite effect.”

“No competent estate agency’s management wants their brand to be negatively impacted by poor quality listings on public portals. But a reliable and cost-effective solution simply didn’t exist. So we built it.” 

“By instantly autowriting search optimised property descriptions with OVERWRITE, agencies save time creating and curating content, eliminating human-error and optimising human resources to focus on revenue generation.” 

Unlike many Start-ups, OVERWRITE.ai didn’t seek out investment at its inception. Instead its founders pooled together and self-funded the platform.  

“Self-funding OVERWRITE’s development allowed us to validate our concept as we wanted. We took the risk onto ourselves. That enabled us to command a valuation for our recent funding round, on our own terms.” – Ayman Alashkar

A wise negotiation strategy for those who can pull it off. Ayman knows a thing or two about negotiation. Over his 20-year career, he has specialised in real estate and artificial intelligence, transacting US$ 500M in commercial property investments, and custom-building a range of predictive modelling-based systems.  

To the moon 🚀

OVERWRITE’s recent seed funding round sets this exciting homegrown Start-up on course to expand its platform both horizontally within the UAE’s exciting real estate space, and internationally as it looks to other countries. 

Meet a few of our family members

“I’m proud of our entire family. Our team and our customers. And I’m extremely excited about this next phase of our growth story. We’re targeting critical milestones that will see us grow from our home market in Dubai into mature real estate markets around the world. – Ayman Alashkar

Sign up for a free trial. No credit card. No strings. Visit OVERWRITE.ai

OVERWRITE.ai is a world first, user-friendly tech solution that allows estate agents to instantly autowrite unique and search-optimised property marketing descriptions, taking the boring out of the daily grind. 

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