Challenges & Dangers of AI Generated Fake news

Join Ayman Alashkar as he discusses the imminent challenges and dangers posed by AI generated fake news on Dubai Eye 103.8

Can We Spot the Difference Between Bias and Fake News?

Ayman delves into the challenge of distinguishing biased news from fake news. “Our biases shape the news we consume, creating a reciprocal loop with AI until we train ourselves to recognize and ignore it,” Ayman Alashkar said.

Navigating the Impact: the Struggle to Identify Fake News

How will inexperienced individuals handle the rise of AI-generated fake news? Ayman foresees a shift as the perception evolves from ‘I can figure it out’ to a realization that even the savvy can be fooled. The generational gap in media consumption plays a crucial role, with the older generation vulnerable and the younger more adept.

Brace for Impact: The Shifting Landscape of Misinformation

As AI becomes more convincing, the impact on everyone is imminent. Are we heading toward a future where distinguishing fake from real becomes an everyday challenge? Is it time to fact check everything that crosses our screens? 🧐

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