Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Agents – ‘What’s it AI about?!’

Golden Nuggets Podcast: uncovering TOP 10 real estate ‘AI Tools’ Countdown 🛠️ | Feat. Ayman Alashkar, CEO and Founder of

Take a deep dive into latest trends, benefits, and considerations of integrating AI into your real estate practice.

Courtesy of Propologi‘s latest podcast, hear how proptech can solve those niggling pain-points for estate agents, what AI CAN’T do, and how it can level up your real estate game.

Industry expert, ‘Golden Nuggets’ Host and Propologi Founder, Silvia Eldawi brings you the low down on AI for property agents in her latest podcast with’s Founder and CEO Ayman Alashkar.

Listen in as Silvia quizzes Ayman on “Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Agents” posing the question: “What’s it AI about?”…

The episode reveals the latest trends, benefits, and considerations of integrating AI into your real estate practice.

Hear Silvia and Ayman uncover golden nuggets on:

  • The top 10 AI tools you can use today
  • How far should you use and trust ChatGPT?
  • Focusing on higher value tasks
  • The downsides and pitfalls of AI
  • Latest AI trends, benefits, and considerations

Propologi is a UAE real estate startup that helps agents to “Discover the success sequence to becoming a Property Professional” Through it’s educational platforms, podcasts and other dedicated marketing channels, it offers programs for ambitious and aspiring property professionals.

“Whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to the field, understanding AI’s role in real estate can give you a competitive edge. Our countdown and discussion will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform your strategy and capitalize on AI’s potential.” 

Propologi Founder, Silvia Eldawi

Ayman Alashkar, talks AI solutions for today’s estate agents

About is a pioneering, purpose-built real estate AI, creating engagement-oriented content for the real estate industry. creates the marketing content that powers the real estate industries of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.

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