AI Tools Helping Leaders Make Time To Be Human

When OpenAI launched the AI chatbot at the end of November, it instantly attracted millions of users, with breathless predictions of its potential to disrupt business models and jobs.

It certainly promises to deliver on a prediction I made in 2019 in my book The Human Edge, which explores the skills needed in a world of artificial intelligence and digitization. I forecasted: “…AI can offer us more free time by automating the stupid stuff we currently have to do, thereby reducing our cognitive burden.”

The prize is clear for leaders.

Use ChatGPT to liberate hours spent on simple tasks each week. Then divert this time towards high-impact skills more suited to human beings. Activities such as:

  • Asking curious questions
  • Communicating purpose, vision, strategy, and values
  • Supporting collaboration
  • Catalyzing learning
  • Encouraging creative thinking and innovation
AI can help busy leaders make time to become more human

The Emergence of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not a revolution. However, it is a significant evolution. This free online resource does the same job as previous AI assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, just better. Crucially, the bot remembers earlier answers in the same conversation. This allows it to adapt and respond more usefully to follow-up questions. The result is eerily like an intelligent, emergent dialogue.

The old cliché states leadership is a lonely place. For time-stressed managers, this AI means they have access to a free, confidential, and well-informed advisor. Over time, ChatGPT will evolve to support the work of functional departments such as HR, communications, and marketing. In the long run, it may spell the end of many executive assistant roles

Leadership Gains

Leadership use cases include faster research and brainstorming to generate ideas for team learning, business development, and strategy. Many will use it to speed up the creation of content they need every day: emails, talking points, and presentations. The AI supports the entire writing process: outlining, editing, proofreading, and summarizing. Wise leaders will use the saved time to engage on a human level with colleagues and customers.

A Tool, Not a Replacement

I would not advise using ChatGPT without judgment and discretion. Blindly outsourcing your emails and meetings to ChatGPT is an accident waiting to happen. It’s also crucial for leaders need to weave their authentic style into all their communication.

This tool can accelerate the start of a thinking process, even if it is soon out of its depth. ChatGPT has yet to learn of world events after 2021, which was the last time it received training information. Like most chatbots, it also occasionally generates weird and incorrect responses. However, if it can provide such credible material for a delicate performance review, it must be helpful in automating more mundane, day-to-day communication.

Empowering the Creatives

Social media is ablaze with amazingly creative uses for this AI, including writing rap lyrics, generating food recipes, and creating new brand names.

For busy leaders, the clock is always ticking. ChatGPT helps with the heavy lifting at the start of a project, process and even a tricky personnel issue. But it’s not a replacement for thought, just the latest AI tool to make us more productive – so we can find the time to be more human.

AI in Proptech

Overwrite is a domain-specific generative AI tool for real estate. This means that it generates accurate, localised real estate content based on specific data sets. Overwrite uses its own natural language machine learning technology together with the data inputted by the real estate agent. The content is designed for customised property marketing listings and helps agents sell more homes.

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Greg Orme writes for Forbes.

This story is from an article in Forbes published 11th February 2023.

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