2 Top Tips To Close More Real Estate Deals

Real estate agency is a grind; all-day, everyday. Much of an agent’s job requires enormous self-motivation. Here are two top tips to help you close deals consistently.

Never Walk Alone

Every agent inevitably finds themselves in a funk, whether it’s early in their career or a dry patch they hit later on. That’s why you should have someone by your side on your path to closing deals.

Pair yourself up with an accountability partner. That’s a colleague that helps keep you accountable to your daily tasks. Someone you can trust and communicate transparently with. Think of them as a friendly competitor. Together you can spur each other along to maintain the discipline that’s so crucial to your job. Go that extra mile to outdo each other. If she makes 10 prospecting calls a day, you make 11. Be each others’ difference-maker.

Alternatively, find yourself a mentor. An established agent from your network. Someone that you look up to, not because of the fancy car they drive, but because of the discipline with which they do their job. Learn how their discipline has led to their success. Drink from their cup of experience and savour every bite of knowledge they pass on to you.

No agent is an island unto themselves. Whether you play off an accountability partner or shadow a mentor; if you make sure you’re never walking alone, you’re guaranteed to deliver more consistent deal success.


Automation has allowed countless industries to revolutionise. Why? Put simply, automation helps save time and money so you can grow your business in other areas.

Real estate agents who use OVERWRITE to autowrite their marketing descriptions save hours upon hours writing texts manually, and publish engaging marketing descriptions that attract their audience. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to imagine spending time doing something manually and risk typos or drab descriptions, when you can automate the process easily AND increase the likelihood of generating more leads.

Let’s face it. The old fashioned way of writing descriptions is dull. For years, automating this manual task was nothing more than a dream for agents. It’s now a reality.

Estate Agency rockstars use OVERWRITE.ai to instantly autowrite property descriptions in multiple languages.

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