One negotiating ‘trick’ you should never use.

Every estate agent knows that feeling of putting time into viewings, phone calls, and meetings. The effort of hooking customers using convincing arguments. The excitement of getting a deal to its negotiation stage. And the disappointment when it all falls apart in a big heap of wasted time.

Nobody likes wasting their own time. Yet many agents use one ‘trick‘ that’s almost always guaranteed to throw away their negotiation from the outset.

And that’s their big mistake.

The best negotiators make sure to get their proposal on the table, first.

Many estate agents think they’re being clever by letting the other party propose first; the logic being that the other party may show their hand and reveal something about their position, or even better, make a fantastic offer from the get-go. That gamble rarely pays off.

More often what happens is the opposite. The agent who lets the other party propose first, finds that they’ve been offered much less than what they were hoping for. Now they’ve got to make up lost ground, working double-hard to bridge the gap.

The best negotiators put their offer on the table first, and let the other party figure out how to deal with it.

Keep that in mind when you start negotiating your next deal.

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